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Arbitrage Alert Software Alert Services

Arb Hunters

Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Enduring | Support

Arb Hunters is an email based alert service. Using real people to find, and verify arbs found by their proprietary software, they find well in excess of 1,000 arbs every month (eg. October 2016 found 1,665 arbs).

Membership costs £30 per month and along with the email based arb alerts, it gives you access to the members area of our website, which has stake calculation tools, odds converters, currency converters, and more. Members can filter which alerts they receive by bookmaker and profit level.

There is no automatic free trial, but if you want, you can email them and they will give you a 24-hour free trial.

Last Updated: 6 November 2016


Active | Contactable | New | Gorgeous | Arb Focussed

One of the newer players in the arbitrage alert software market, BetBurger sports a gorgeous, modern web interface with pretty much all the bells and whistles one could hope to find in a properly considered and fully fleshed out alert service, including a wide range of well known and established bookmakers. This is one recommended for the more professionally inclined or experienced. That being said, experienced arbitrage traders will most likely love it through and through... The interface is definitely very clean and intuitive but make sure to read the manual on this one. Colours have very specific meanings that you need to know.

Last Updated: 16 November, 2016


BMBets is an odds comparison service which provides free surebet alerts streaming on their website. Registration allows you to save filters and other settings.

Last Updated: 16 September, 2014


Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Enduring

Bet On Value is operated by the same company behind BetBrain, and was split off as a stand alone website sometime early in 2010. BetBrain no longer offers any surebet alert service, while Bet On Value, using the same bookmakers and odds feed as Bet Brain provides that service now.

Last Updated: September, 2014


Last Updated:


Last Updated:


Last Updated:


Odds comparison website with a few free surebets available. Simple service.

Last Updated: November, 2016


Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Support

Launched in July 2009 after extensive online beta testing with the assistance of the SAG and ArbForum community. RebelBetting is a software package which provides arbs from 38 bookmakers, in 8 sports and 7 different markets. The software is able to automate much of the arbing process. It has a built in calculator, and can automatically take you to the correct bet pages of the arb, and highlight the right bets for you. Logging in to the bookmakers can also be automated.

As the surfing is all handled within the software it does help to avoid the problem of flipping back and forth between numerous windows – the alert, the calculator and the bookmakers can all be seen at once. The arbs are delivered with a choice of audible, visual and pop-up alerts. Filters are available to control what types of arbs are delivered, and warnings may be turned on for potential rule mismatch errors.

A 1 month subscription is €129, a three month subscription is €116 per month and a 6 month subscription is €99 per month and a 1 year subscription is €89 per month. There is a seven days trial available which costs €29, and an ongoing free arb feed for all arbs up to 0.6%.

Last Updated: September, 2014


SportsPunter is primarily an odds comparison website which is based in Australia. It doesn’t offer any free surebets as most of the odds comparison websites do, but it does have a very dedicated arbitrage alert section for subscription holders. The subscription service provides many arbs from bookmakers who are checked for odds every 2 minutes or so. They scan over 80 bookmakers for odds in around 22 different sports, covering around 130 different competitions. Their arbs are found in a range of different bet types including: head to head (2 and 3 way), handicap v handicap, handicap v head to head, and under/over, PLUS they find arbs for all of those options in 1st half, 2nd half, and 1st Quarter-4th Quarter betting options. They also include several of the more complicated inter-market arbs (mixing handicap with 3 way and/or 2 way bets). Sportspunter quite regularly adds new features to their services and is constantly being tweaked and improved in numerous different ways. SportsPunter is definitely a unique service, and definitely a service for the experienced punters/arbers.

With all of those possibilities covered, they do produce a remarkable number of arbs. Their subscription costs AU$55 for a week, (US$46)(for Australian customers GST is included in this price) AU$176 monthly, AU$484 quarterly, AU$856 half yearly, or AU$1540 yearly. They also offer a two week trial for AU$55

The website displays the arbs as soon as it finds them (odds are scanned at each booker every 2-4 minutes) and a few audible alerts can be chosen or turned off at choice. The filtering capabilities within SportsPunter are quite remarkable. The service can be entirely customisable in terms of which bookmakers you can receive arbs for, including the ability to even block bookmakers for particular competitions only, allowing arbs to come through from them in other competitions. The display indicates the % of the arb (which can be filtered for both max and min percentages you want to be displayed) the time and date the event is taking place, the bookmaker and the odds of course, how long the arb has been known to exist and a colour display system which indicates whether the rules are likely to differ between the two bookmakers.

Last Updated: November, 2016


Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Enduring | Support

Rebranded as OddsTrawler. More information to follow. UCantLose is an email and SMS based alert service which caters to the casual arber or may act as a supplemental arbitrage alert service. The service promises to provide at least 50 arbitrage opportunities each month, each one of which are delivered with a screen shot of the odds in place at each bookmaker, verifying that the odds are real. Subscription to the alert service also includes an arbitrage calculator.

Last Updated: 16 November, 2016

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