100 Percent Winners Breakdown

After a little research in to the 100 percent winners setup, exactly what is going on here is pretty clear to me. The creators of this software are experienced internet marketers who have already had success with a previous program in the Forex world, and are simply building on that success and making more money by branching out in to the arbitrage trading world. Unfortunately, the people who have created the whole 100 percent winners brand, are, as I said, Marketers, not arbitrage traders.

The Marketing of 100 Percent Winners

So what we have, is one of the best marketing campaigns you will have ever seen. They have the amazing sales page which covers every base you might worry about. They have the testimonial videos, the beta testing results, the explanations, the money back guarantees etc. They even have multiple domains, each covering different aspects of the marketing launch, including 100percentwinnersscam.net where people who are worried it is a scam, might actually believe they are about to be told all about how much of a scam it is – but I can guarantee that when you subscribe to that page, you will be told a ‘frank’ version of how it is probably actually pretty good afterall, and you might even make money using it…

Meanwhile, of course, they have set up an affiliate program and I assume started recruiting professional affiliate marketers well before launch date, so that they could saturate Google with positive affiliate-biased reviews and spin of their software. When you search 100 percent winners, or any variation of that term, you only get pages made by the company, reviews about the company posted by the company or someone affiliated with them, and affiliate pages selling the article. One affiliate page made me laugh:

Hi,I am Jones James and I from Chicago.I swear to the God the following 100 Percent Winners reviews is my real experience with the product.I got really interested when I first heard of sports investing and decided to test 100PercentWinners software.I paid 100 Percent Winners 3 weeks ago. This is going to completely change my life.$3,740 in first week…$21,095 in 4 weeks…and the best part is it’s completely automated, so once you set things up it all runs on autopilot.I love 100 Percent Winners.For the first time ever i’m in control of my life now.

Who knows how long this legal loophole is going to last, but I know this:Some smart people are going to make an absolute killing with it while it lasts.

LOL. Yeah. ‘swear to god’ alright. And lie your arse off. “Completely Automated” – even the company doesn’t claim that on its sales page. “Legal Loophole” FFS. Seriously. Who makes this shit up?

Getting back to their sales pitch itself, they talk all sorts of nonsense about $320,000 profit since the middle of 2010. I call BS on that one. They then highlight some 17-40% arbs they have placed in the last 24h – 100% legit and audited, they say. Bull. Shit. says I. And then their video showing how to make $320 in 3 minutes. Aside from the fact that I have trouble believing that it is legitimate – lets assume they got lucky and found a palp on betcity (which they didn’t show the cancelled bet there btw), the technique they showed in placing the arb will cause major losses for anyone trying to learn how to arb trade. They placed the bets at Pinnacle before even looking to make sure the odds were real at BetCity!!! Absolute sure fire way to lose money. Ugh.

100 Percent Winners – The Software

OK, full disclosure here – I was going to purchase the software and see for myself, and then probably use their full refund option (which I believe will be legitimate), but after simply browsing their videos, and thanks to a screenshot posted on Arbforum by someone who has already subscribed, I don’t really think I need to see the software myself. It is obvious that the software is basically just a simple alert service, which does *essentially* the job designed to do, but without any real caution for the reality of arbitrage. ie: No filters for palps, and no real finesse to finding the real arbs.

100 percent winners software screenshotWhen I saw the price being charged for a subscription, my first thought was not of it being expensive (as no doubt some people who stumble across their page will worry about). No, my first though was “How can someone run a decent alert service for that amount?” You can’t. No development team could create and maintain decent arbitrage software and make it worth their while for such a small ongoing subscription fee. Most of the market leading alert services at the moment charge 100 percent winner’s initial fee of $150 or more, every month.

Now if we look at the screenshot provided here, you can see so many obvious palps it isn’t funny. The first ‘arb’ there, for 90%!!!!!! has Stan James and Stan James. Yeah sure. A bookmaker will absolutely accept bets that guarantee itself a loss of 190% of whatever you bet. And as for the rest of them, simple experience tells me, and any other arber looking at that image, that none of those arbs are real.

Is 100 Percent Winners A Scam?

I wouldn’t call it a scam. You’re not about to lose your life savings by buying 100% winners, but you might lose $170 if you don’t ask for a refund… and then you can only blame yourself. No, I think these guys are just clever marketers who like bending the truth ‘a little bit’…. And besides – they aren’t even really making any money off the arbitrage sales. Their profit comes from the $490 Pro Tipping service they try to flog to you after you find arbitrage isn’t making you any money. (see the 100 percent winners affiliate page to see where their profits come from, and why so many people are trying to flog this software so hard).

I don’t think 100 percent winners is really worth anything. I mean, you spend money on arbitrage software to help make finding arbs easier, or at least hand enough to you each month to pay for itself + some profit. And every alert service I have ever paid for has been able to do that. I doubt 100 Percent Winners could. Maybe it could – but between all of the errors, palps, and false positives that fill it’s display, how would you ever find a real arb?

So if you actually want to do arbitrage trading, I recommend shopping around for a better service (and trialing a few of the free options out first). Buying 100 Percent Winners to do arbitrage trading is sort of like buying a rolex in Bali for $10. It seems like a bargain at the time, but in one week time when it stops working, you realise that it wasn’t even worth the $10.


12 thoughts on “100 Percent Winners Breakdown

  1. i am using 100winners since the launch. i dont agree that they are scam, the posted screenshot is an obvious bug in the software. they have fixed it several days ago and now arbs are normally 1-5% range.

    the main software has a good scanner for russian bookies such as marathon and betcity, also covering betfair and pinacle.

  2. Thanks the software seems interesting. I found a discount link here so atleast it will make it easier to try.

  3. arb betting is rarely profitable when using different bookies or different companies. Once a price is made available it is almost immediately taken up by other mug punters who are using the same system as this (and there are hundreds of thousands of them worldwide). The best way to arb trade is to learn your sport – any will do, and be able to judge what the correct odds will be – this takes skill and a lot of dedication (which is why the pro companies will charge you up to $300 per month. Even then, you will be backing (or laying) along with all the other subscribers to the service and some of whom will get the prices before you (because they offer extra to be first). By the time you get the predicted odds in your email (that has cost you $300 per month to receive) most of the value will have gone from that trade. Also, very quickly you will be in the terrible position of not knowing whether to trade out because the odds are streaming out on your back bet or wait a while to see them ‘come in’ to the predicted odds. Let me tell you something, once odds start streaming out, they rarely come back, so you must trade out, this leaves you with a massive loss before you have even begun.
    My advice is this – do not buy any system, as ALL systems fail or at best break even in the long run. The only people who make money gambling are people who have dedicated themselves and an awful lot of money to their chosen career. Every successful gambler has tales of massive losses, long losing runs, desperate times etc. However, they stuck to what they believed, and rely on about 80% knowledge and 20% intuition. It is these people, the real pros, with the real money and knowledge who are forcing your arb down, because they know that the horse or team or player doesn’t stand a chance. You on the other hand just have someone elses word for it that the odds should be shorter!
    Do not be a mug punter! Learn your sport, become good at judging what prices will be ‘at the off’ and see if you can spot any good opportunties. As with anything, it will take time (around 2 years to become moderatly good, 10 years to become good), you will lose more money than you think possible, but each loss is another lesson to learn and avoid in the future. One day you’ll stop losing (if you stick with it long enough) and start winning. However, if you have a wife and kids – please for the love of god do not try gambling because it will destroy all your relationships. I know, I’ve been there.

    1. Sorry MasterOfWomen, but your personal experience of Gambling has no real relevence here. Your knowledge of arbing is clearly negligable, as there are *not* ‘thousands of them worldwide’, and it is not rare to make money arbing – it is completely normal to make money arbing. The only question is whether you can make enough to live off, or whether you are doing it as a part time hobby, and whether the amount of money you can make doing it is worth the time it takes to make that money.

      Predicting the odds and studying sports for 5 or 10 years in order to become a professional gambler is all good and well as advice for people who really want to do that, but most people don’t have the skills or the stamina to stick with becomming professional gamblers, and it certainly isn’t a solution open to the vast majority of people. Worse than that, trying to follow that path is FAR more likely to result in major losses than it ever is to end up with profitability.

      This is why arbing will forever be the only real option. Anyone can get straight in to it and make easy money. It takes some time to assess just how good you might be at it, and how much money you are able to make personally, but even if it doesn’t reach your expectations, you still walk away with a profit (rather than major losses trying to chase a gambling pipedream.)

      I Definitely agree to avoid gambling – it is too risky. And while arbing involves placing bets, it is no more gambling than trading shares on the stock market, or buying and selling commodities on the commodity markets is gambling. As long as you follow the rules, it is just locking in known profits.

  4. you are participating in sports arbets not? bookmakers would you use for it work well? – Yeah I can wear because of the betting rules of different bookmakers? – I should use the bookmakers available for surebets, the bookmakers would ensure scocer betting rules similar? I can help you use the advice betting bookmakers have similar rules, safe?Hoàn tác chỉnh sửa

  5. the bookmakers are the scamers becose they have the power tuo up and down the odss…they love arbers becose they are arbers!!when you deposit 1 euro in they site they do arbitrage with your money…so you find an arb 3-4—15 % ok?but last a litlle time and the event start in 3-4 days ok??/thnk what they do in over 72 hour with the money of arbers and the money of losers of gambling …the true is ,bookmakers create the arb atract the money and do arbitrage .

  6. I still don’t get it, are you guys saying that 100percentwinners is a scam or what because I really want to go into it now. I dont have anything doin for now so I want to use the money with me to buy this softwear and start making money. Please has any one of you buy and start using this softwear?

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