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Matched Betting – Easy Profits

Question: What is the easiest way to make a quick £100 profit while arbing with only a small bankroll?

Well, Matched Betting is a term I have only just come across, but it seems to be a common one which I simply hadn’t encountered. I used to call it Bonus Arbitrage, or simply Bonus Hunting, but it seems that everyone who didn’t know Arbitrage trading existed simply called it matched betting – and it the easiest way to make some easy bonus cash while arbing.

The concept is simple – claim a freebet or bonus from a bookmaker and then instead of ‘risking’ that freebet, you ‘match’ your bet with a corresponding bet at another bookmaker. By using the right technique you can guarantee that you will keep around 90% of the original freebet (stake not returned*) or even as much as 100% of a bonus (stake returned*). Most freebets range between £25-£50, while some bonuses get as large as having several hundred pounds on offer. Free money to those in a position to take advantage of it.

Before I explain the best way to claim this bonus money, lets quickly explain what ‘Stake Returned’ and ‘Stake Not Returned’ mean. Nearly all bonus offers available come in one of these two forms:

Stake Returned (SR) offers are usually added to your bankroll and treated like normal real money in your account. When you place a bet, there is no differentiation made between the bonus money and your real money. So when you place a bet and it wins, your winnings include the initial stake (£50 on odds of 2.00 gives you £100 back).

In order to stop people taking advantage of these offers, bookmakers place turnover requirements on these bonuses. If the specified volume of betting turnover isn’t reached before you try to withdraw, then the bookmaker will take their bonus money back.

Stake Not Returned (SNR) offers are usually kept separate from your normal betting account, and are identified as ‘Free Bets’ or ‘Bonus Money’. They need to be treated separately to your normal funds because when you place a bet using your freebet funds, if it wins the stake isn’t returned (£50 Freebet (SNR) on odds of 2.00 gives you £50 back if it wins).

Most bookmakers include turnover requirements before you can withdraw any winnings from your freebets, however, if your freebet loses there is no turnover requirement on your normal funds.


1. Read the Conditions

Before you can arb out either type of bonus you need to take the time to read the terms and conditions of the bonus. Don’t skim it – read it. Read it twice. These are the rules which you *must* play by when taking this money – it is a small task when you consider how easily you are going to be making money from doing this.

Once you have thoroughly read the conditions then you will know what turnover is required before you can withdraw, you will know what the turnover is based on (usually the lesser of the winnings or the stake – sometimes based on the stake, but only if the odds bet on are great than 1.50, or 2.00 etc), and any other conditions to be met. And finally you are at the stage where you can deposit money and claim the bonus (where possible – some bonus are based on your first bet).

2. Stake Returned Offers

When working with SR bonuses there is really nothing special outside of general arbitrage trading that you need to be aware of. Place normal arbitrage trades with this bookmaker. If you are lucky, the side with the bonus money will always lose and you will empty your account at that bookmaker. The turnover requirement is no longer a concern because you don’t need to withdraw.

If you aren’t so lucky, you will win some and lose some at the bookmaker with the bonus – this isn’t a problem at all, it just means you will have to keep arbing until you have met the turnover requirement – hopefully you won’t want to withdraw before that point.

Depending on how the conditions are set, it is usually a good idea to stick to arbs with odds around evens for when rolling over your turnover requirement. This is because most bookmakers only count the lesser of the two sums – the stake or the winnings – anda t even odds, they are the same amount. Meanwhile if you back odds of, say, 9.00, then your stake may be only $100 but will win $800, and if it does win, then you end up with $800 of your bankroll trapped in this bookmaker which you are unable to withdraw from (without forfeiting some profit anyway), and the bet will have only added another $100 to your overall turnover requirement.

3. Stake Not Returned Offers

Working with SNR offers is very different to working with SR offers because you first have to make your potential profit a real profit. To do this, we want to place our Freebet (our SNR money) on the highest odds we can find in a two way situation (draw no bet, over/under, back/lay etc), and then we cover the other outcome at a different bookmaker.

The reason for using the longest odds we can find is twofold. Firstly, we want it to lose. If the freebet loses, then we have no turnover requirements (and the other side covers the loss and maintains the freebet profit). Secondly, the longer the odds the greater the percentage of the freebet we get to keep. This remains true regardless of whether the odds we are using create an arbitrage situation or not. See the following image for examples of possible scenarios:

matched betting scenario returns table

Note how the arbitrage situation (+ or – 1%) does have an affect on the profit, but is insignificant compared to the affect of whether your freebet is placed on long odds or short odds. So you really do need to try to get the longest odds you can get – preferably up around 10.00.

Once you place your Freebet and then lay it off at a betting exchange, or cover the other remaining outcome (following all of the standard rule mismatch concerns with normal arbitrage) you simply wait for the freebet to lose. If the freebet does win, then you will unfortunately end up with a lot more money in that account, and have a turnover requirement to meet (specified in the bookmakers terms and conditions with the freebet). At this point, what to do becomes identical to the strategy with SNR offers – you have to arb the money out like normal. Place arbs, hopefully lose the money out, but worst case scenario you simply place enough bets to meet the turnover requirements, then you will be free to withdraw.

4. Outcome

By taking advantage of these offers, it is just so easy to get amounts like £25, £50, and even as much as £250 in some rare cases really quite easily in the course of normal arbitrage trading. The bookmakers usually aren’t put out by it, because in the ideal situation you are actually losing to them anyway. Where you do win with them (they never like this), you have done so in a way which has provided ample opportunity for them to profit – you have met their turnover requirement, and not taken advantage of them in any way. One pointer for this part though – never meet the turnover requirement exactly, and then withdraw everything. Always go a bit over the turnover. Always place a couple more bets than you strictly need to. Don’t run the risk of really pissing them off.

So go out, find freebets and bonus offers – claim them, roll them over, and then move to the next book and do the same. You can usually work 3 or 4 bonuses at once very easily, and as you find you have funds available, open a new book and start working their bonus. SureBetBookies lists bonuses on offer at sportsbooks, plus the alert services which uses that sportsbook – check it out to find sportsbooks you can arb and bonus hunt with.

$5.5 Million worth of Bitcoins Stolen from Blackmarket website

I just had to post this to show the similarity between all scams out there. The process of delaying payouts, then crying foul and trying to blame someone else and suddenly closing down the operation… I’ve seen it so many times now in all of the High Yield Investment Programs (scams) out there.

Sheep Marketplace scam reveals everything that’s wrong with the Deep Web

Scams come in all shapes and sizes….

Avoid Scams – New Tool Helps Warn People About Scams

So I have been working on a project outside of Arbitrage Trading for almost two years now which has come together nicely. It is called rbutr, and I am writing about it here because it is going to be incredibly useful for helping warn people about scams and rip offs.

What is rbutr?

rbutr is a browser extension which tells you when the page you are looking at has been disputed elsewhere on the internet.

rbutr this page has 27 rebuttals

So, for example, my article on Arbitrage Investment Scams is a good example of a rebuttal of any arbitrage investment program being advertised on the internet. Once connected in rbutr, anyone visiting the arbitrage investment program will be alerted to the existence of my article and then able to access it.

So, for example, this is how the rbutr system records the connections. Here we have four pages offering the opportunity to invest in sports arbitrage investment funds, and they are all connected to the SAG Investment scams page. Whenever a rbutr user lands on any of those pages now, they will be told that the SAG page argues against the investment opportunity page, and they will be able to click through and read the SAG article.

Sports Arbitrage Investment Scam Rebuttal warning with rbutr avoid scams

This is invaluable from a consumer perspective, as it warns people about the potential scam, rip off, or even just poor value they are about to be sold on. It is also useful if you spend a lot of your time warning people about scams, or countering misinformation as you can get your content in front of the people who need it the most!

Help Us Save People From Scams and Misinformation

I know Sports Arbitrage Guide users are some of the most well informed people in the internet when it comes to spotting scams and rip offs. I would love to see each and every one of you install rbutr and use your knowledge to help save people from the manipulative and persuasive conmen out there, and submit every scam-scam warning combination you know of to rbutr.

rbutr is going to change the internet for ever, and getting a good grounding in warning people about scammers and ponzis is an important first step.

So go to right now, install and register, and get started!

New Cheaper Pricing for RebelBetting

RebelBetting recently announced that they have lowered their prices for longer term subscriptions.

  • 6 months now cost €499 instead of €594 and is now 36% cheaper than buying single months.
  • 1 year now cost €799 instead of €1068, a huge discount where you save 48% compared to a monthly subscription!

They have also replaced the once-0nly trial week with a regular one week subscription, and have completed a redesign of the website.

Have a look now.

Get More Alerts for Less from Mathbet

Some incredible discounts are on offer at the moment from MathBet!
First of all, they are offering up to 55% discount to their service:

One year subscription 479 € 799 € (only 39.9 € per month)
Six months subscription 329 € 429 € (only 54.8 € per month)
One month subscription 79 € 89 €

And on top of that, if you purchased either of the following subscriptions, you will get an extension!

One year subscription Three months free extension
Six months subscription One month free extension

So head over to Mathbet now to take advantage of these great discounts, and get a really solid arbitrage alert service feed for your next year of arb trading while you can get it for next to nothing!


Discounts for Mathbet Arbitrage Alert Service

Mathbet are offering a 40% discount on their subscription prices from now until the 26th of December. So jump in it if you are looking for a new subscription! Great value. Great alert service.

Their message follows:

The best kind of Christmas gift? One that comes earlier, of course!

The moment you catch a glimpse of this newsletter, magic happens and Mathbet prices get quite seriously reduced! Mark this, up until 26 December, you can SAVE up to 40%! A heck of a price-drop, wouldn’t you say?:

One year subscription 479 € (only 39.9 € per month)
Six months subscription 321 € (only 53.5 € per month)
One month subscription 79 €

And that’s not all! Our service is temperature-resistant – as everything shrinks, it tends to grow exponentially these days! Let’s just mention DoxxBet & Coral (autonavigate & autobetslip ready), among all the other recently included bookies. And also, offer from Pinnacle has been extended to the max, now with all those great odds one can see only after log in.

Rebel Betting Christmas Sale

The ever popular Rebel Betting sales are on again, saving you up to €700 for a 12 month subscription. If you are using Rebel Betting, or looking to get started, NOW is the time to snap up the full year subscription, while it is about half price!

  1. Save €700 by subscribing for 12 months. You pay €848
  2. Save €300 by subscribing for 6 months. You pay €474
  3. Save €100 by subscribing for 3 months. You pay €287

The sale ends on THURSDAY though (13th of December 2012), so head over to Rebel Betting now and take advantage of the massive savings!


Ratunga Arbs Launched – 5% Extra Discount By Buying Through SAG

Ratunga Arbs has just launched and they are offering Sports Arbitrage Guide users the cheapest price available online – an additional 5% off the cheapest available price for their service. In order to receive this 5% off the cheapest available price offer, you have to pay for their service through the subscribe button below:

With the special discount offer covered, you can find out more about Ratunga Arbs on their own website*, and on our Alerts Listing page. Just remember that in order to get the extra 5% discounted price, you need to use the subscribe button here – so come back and use the subscribe button on this page once you have made the decision to give them a try! (even after you take out their free trial!)


And as always, Good Luck!



*Ratunga Arbs is not owned, operated or affiliated with Sports Arbitrage Guide in any way other than through the usual affiliate marketing relationship which Sports Arbitrage Guide maintains with many companies in the Sports Arbitrage Industry. While there is a PayPal subscribe button to purchase Ratunga Arbs service found on our website, we neither handle the transactions, nor have access to the money changing hands. All payments are handled by Pay Pal, and managed by Ratunga Arbs.


Intral – Another story about why to not trust other people with your money

I just received the following email:

Ive enjoyed your blog for the last couple of years and was wondering if you were familar with lay trading, i have been cold called from a company called intral, (international trade alliance, who will trade my betfair account, 10% per bet and say they produce around 30% return per month on the balance of my account, i can withdraw money whenever i like but this detracts from the return on the ballance. They charge $2500.00 per year for the service. I have searched the net but cant find anything good or bad about this company, any advice you could give would be greatly appriciated.
My reply was:

I certainly wouldn’t trust them. If they can make 30% per month trading betfair accounts, then why do they need your money to do it? Why not grow their own funds, and expand out from their? Why cold contact people they don’t know? If I could reliably make 30% per month from betfair, so easily that I needed other people’s accounts and money to do it for some reason, then I would get my parents in first, then my friends, other family, their friends and family etc. Why give away easy money to strangers when you can give it to people you know?

That is why I would never trust someone cold calling you with an ‘opportunity’ like this. Because it is more likely that if it worked, they wouldn’t need to go out to strangers. They want strangers, because they know it doesn’t work, so they need to be able to get away when everything falls apart.
I have just gone and had a closer look at their website, and here are a few other thoughts which came to mind while browsing:
  • On the about page they refer to being awarded a Queens Award for enterprise, but provide no evidence of such an award, and even the Wikipedia page they link to, which lists all of the winners, doesn’t indicate that they won it.
  • They mention making up to $120K in profits for players per month. Fact is, Betfair is a closed system – there is only so much money on offer and thus any system which they are using is limited by how much volume is made available to take. Therefore there is a definite market cap on how much money their system could make. Thus cold calling strangers and trying to get them to invest more money in to their trading system is a give away that there is no real system.

And that was just by looking at their about us page. I am sure plenty of people could go in to their trading methodologies, and the history and all of the other pages on their site and pick them apart a hell of a lot more. But I think my initial email response is enough to stop any reasonable person from risking their money.

Feel free to comment more concerns below if you wish…