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New Cheaper Pricing for RebelBetting

RebelBetting recently announced that they have lowered their prices for longer term subscriptions.

  • 6 months now cost €499 instead of €594 and is now 36% cheaper than buying single months.
  • 1 year now cost €799 instead of €1068, a huge discount where you save 48% compared to a monthly subscription!

They have also replaced the once-0nly trial week with a regular one week subscription, and have completed a redesign of the website.

Have a look now.

Rebel Betting Christmas Sale

The ever popular Rebel Betting sales are on again, saving you up to €700 for a 12 month subscription. If you are using Rebel Betting, or looking to get started, NOW is the time to snap up the full year subscription, while it is about half price!

  1. Save €700 by subscribing for 12 months. You pay €848
  2. Save €300 by subscribing for 6 months. You pay €474
  3. Save €100 by subscribing for 3 months. You pay €287

The sale ends on THURSDAY though (13th of December 2012), so head over to Rebel Betting now and take advantage of the massive savings!


Last Three Days and 110% Money Back Guarantee

This is a quick blog post to remind everyone that we are now in the last three days before the webinars begin, so if you have been procrastinating on it, you better make a move quick smart.

Since the webinars were announced I have set up a new website over at, which is what we will be (probably) calling the product line. And since the original announcement, RebelBetting and Mathbet have both offered two weeks worth of subscriptions to all webinar registrants.

Probably more importantly, I have also offered a 110% money back guarantee on the webinars – so if you are not happy, you can get 110% of your money back at any stage during the webinars.


RebelBetting Update

RebelBetting released this update about two weeks ago (I was in transit at the time!) So here it is now:


A new version of RebelBetting is released making it easier to get bookmaker bonuses and filter out the arbs you’re interested in.

Quick filters

Required bookmaker quick filter

We have placed some of the more common filters directly in the main window toolbar. Changing the minimum arb percentage can now be done quickly.

You can also select one specific bookmaker to be required, which is very useful when hunting for bonuses. You can also change the minimum odds required. If you want to have multiple required bookmakers, you can make these changes in the options as before.

More filters

  • Hide arbs with two odds on the same bookmaker (does not apply to non-limiting books)
  • Hide arbs with three outcomes

Faster arb delivery

We have improved the way we send arbs and increased the compression.
This means:

  • Faster arb delivery
  • About half the bandwidth used
  • More arbs can now be sent!

To see a list of all updates in this release, please visit our changelog.

Number of arbs right now

By the way, right now RebelBetting is showing 1397 arbs. Or (as other arb services would display it) we have 16 423 arbs right now (with every possible bookmaker combination).

1397 arbs right now

Is actually 16423 arbs

How is this possible? Well, when it says “Received x arbs” it actually says “Received x arb rows”. When expanding an arb row, you’ll see many more combinations of bookmakers that also produces arbs 🙂

The next version

We’ve already begun working on the next version of RebelBetting. Stay tuned!

RebelBetting – Most Popular Alert Service

Since RebelBetting first entered the Sports Arbitrage Scene around April 2009, it was clear to me from the beginning that this was going to be a serious company making a serious bit of software. They weren’t hiding behind crass marketing or exaggerating their successes like most of the rubbish that we are all forced to filter through on the internet. No, RebelBetting jumped right in to the dragons den of ArbForum, and said “Come try us out. Let us know what you think and we will try to improve.”

And improve is exactly what they did. They withstood the onslaught of criticism and negativity guaranteed to anyone offering arbitrage services in arbforum, where even if someone does actually like your service, they dare not admit it for fear of letting everyone else know that your service is good!

RebelBetting Most Popular Arbitrage Alert ServiceHaving survived the first test of ArbForum – remaining resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism – it was interesting to then watch the guys at RebelBetting continue to build one of the most professional arbitrage companies that I have ever seen, and much much more importantly, the most respected alert service on the market, which I can now safely say, is easily the most popular alert service on the market too.

Through constant upgrades and improvements, with continual growth of features, sports and bookmakers, RebelBetting has managed to demonstrate to all of its customers that it is a reliable company which will continue to improve and guarantee the quality of their product. That knowledge, combined with the fact that their software simply works really well is why RebelBetting are the most popular alert service on the market.

Congratulations RebelBetting for all of the hard work, and I would like to award RebelBetting the brand new “Most Popular” badge, to be proudly worn on the alert services listing page.

Visit RebelBetting now and have a look at their first class software today.


Rebel Betting Arbitrage Video

Rebel Betting have just released this great new video which explains what arbitrage trading is. Great visuals to help non-arbers understand what this is game all about.

Rebel Betting is by far the most popular arbitrage alert service and with good reason. They do everything with style and professionalism. You really cannot fault Rebel Betting at all.

See Rebel Betting’s website.

Major SureBetBookies Update

I am very happy to announce the SureBetBookies has once again undergone a major update. More specifically, the alert services have been brought up to date, with old services removed (SureBetPro, BetBrain, Juice Trading and several others for example) and new services added (Rebel Betting has been waiting for ages to get in to the database!). As part of that process, the bookmaker lists for all of the alert services has been brought up to date, and then the five most popular bookmakers not already in the database were added.

Rebel Betting Christmas Promotion

Rebel Betting is offering some incredible christmas promotions over the coming weeks.

Three weeks, three incredible offers, one each week. The first offer expires this Thursday.

Free Week

Join Rebel Betting on Facebook before  Thursday (23:59 CET) and get a week for free!

Save 150 EUR!

Buy a 6 months subscription and receive a 150 EUR discount, or buy a 3 month subscription and receive a 50 EUr discount. (Dec 14-16)

Give away a month!

(Dec 21-23) You probably have a friend that would like to try RebelBetting. Why not give them a christmas present with a free month! (Value 99 EUR). Totally free when you purchase a month for yourself.