Sports Arbitrage Alert Services

This page has information on all of the legitimate sports arbitrage alert services available online. In selecting your alert service, use trials where possible, READ the reviews and make sure you get the best arb service for your own circumstances. There is no single right answer, which is why we can only recommend a few of them, and let you make up your own mind after that.

Recommended Arbitrage Alert Services


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Rebel Betting Arbitrage Alert Service

Launched in July 2009 after extensive online beta testing with the assistance of the SAG and ArbForum community. RebelBetting is a software package which provides arbs from 38 bookmakers, in 8 sports and 7 different markets. The software is able to automate much of the arbing process. It has a built in calculator, and can automatically take you to the correct bet pages of the arb, and highlight the right bets for you. Logging in to the bookmakers can also be automated. As the surfing is all handled within the software it does help to avoid the problem of flipping back and forth between numerous windows – the alert, the calculator and the bookmakers can all be seen at once. The arbs are delivered with a choice of audible, visual and pop-up alerts. Filters are available to control what types of arbs are delivered, and warnings may be turned on for potential rule mismatch errors.

A 1 month subscription is €129, a three month subscription is €116 per month and a 6 month subscription is €99 per month and a 1 year subscription is €89 per month. There is a seven days trial available which costs €9, and an ongoing free arb feed for all arbs up to 0.6%. Currency Converter

Updated: February, 2014


Surebet Monitor

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Surebet Monitor Screenshot Arbitrage Trading Alert Service

Surebet Monitor was launched in a beta-3 phase in October 2010 and has undergone extensive testing throughout 2011 leading to a full product release in July 2011. As of mid 2013, at version 3, the software now scans football, basketball, tennis, handball, volleyball and ice hockey across 54 bookmakers. It combines several different markets and finds many cross-market arbs. There are a number of filters provided in the software, as well as a great quality surebet calculator built in.

Subscriptions to Surebet Monitor cost €79 per month, or €219 for 3 months. You can also take out a 7 day trial for €24. If you want a free trial, then simply download their software and take advantage of their free Monday trial service in which you get complete access to their paid service for free every Monday.

Register with bonus code SAG and receive an extra 7 days added to your subscription for free. Currency Converter

Updated: 13Jun13



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Mathbet Screenshot Arbitrage Trading Alert Service

Mathbet was launched in April 2010 in a beta trial. It now scans 33 bookmakers, with 55 different football betting markets scanned, plus standard Tennis, Basketball and Icehockey. With extensive cross market support mathbet actually finds arbs which involve complex arbitrage scenarios, not just the usual asian handicap vs 1×2 markets. They claim they are the only service in the market that has a full cross-market support, and demonstrates this complete coverage with large multi-bet based arbs. Some of the arbs and middles found by Mathbet require over 20 different bets to be placed.

A one day subscription is €12, a monthly subscription is €89, a six month subscription is €429 and they offer a yearly subscription for €799.

Updated: 18Nov12



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ArbExpert Arbitrage Trading Alert Service Screenshot

ArbExpert was launched early February 2007 as a professional website based arbitrage alert service. They scan over 68 bookmakers, 19 sports and over 20 bet types, resulting in a very impressive range of arbs being searched for. The service has a very good filtering system which allows you to easily filter out bookmakers you don’t want, sports you don’t want, arb percentages which are too low or too high, odds which are too out of alignment with other odds offered on the game, and even bet types.

A one week subscription will cost €15, a monthly subscription will cost €50, a half yearly subscription costs €225, and a yearly subscription will cost €400. Their full pricing page can be seen here. Currency Converter

Updated: 18Nov12



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Sportspunter surebets sports arbitrage trading

SportsPunter is primarily an odds comparison website which is based in Australia. It doesn’t offer any free surebets as most of the odds comparison websites do, but it does have a very dedicated arbitrage alert section for subscription holders. The subscription service provides many arbs from bookmakers who are checked for odds every 2 minutes or so. They scan over 80 bookmakers for odds in around 22 different sports, covering around 130 different competitions. Their arbs are found in a range of different bet types including: head to head (2 and 3 way), handicap v handicap, handicap v head to head, and under/over, PLUS they find arbs for all of those options in 1st half, 2nd half, and 1st Quarter-4th Quarter betting options. They also include several of the more complicated inter-market arbs (mixing handicap with 3 way and/or 2 way bets). Sportspunter quite regularly adds new features to their services and is constantly being tweaked and improved in numerous different ways. SportsPunter is definitely a unique service, and definitely a service for the experienced punters/arbers.

With all of those possibilities covered, they do produce a remarkable number of arbs. Their subscription costs AU$55 for a week, (US$46)(for Australian customers GST is included in this price) AU$176 monthly, AU$484 quarterly, AU$856 half yearly, or AU$1540 yearly. They also offer a two week trial for AU$55

The website displays the arbs as soon as it finds them (odds are scanned at each booker every 2-4 minutes) and a few audible alerts can be chosen or turned off at choice. The filtering capabilities within SportsPunter are quite remarkable. The service can be entirely customisable in terms of which bookmakers you can receive arbs for, including the ability to even block bookmakers for particular competitions only, allowing arbs to come through from them in other competitions. The display indicates the % of the arb (which can be filtered for both max and min percentages you want to be displayed) the time and date the event is taking place, the bookmaker and the odds of course, how long the arb has been known to exist and a colour display system which indicates whether the rules are likely to differ between the two bookmakers.

Active Alert Programs

ArbAlarm Arbets ArbExpert
ArbitragePro ArbHunters ArbSafe
ArbsFinder ArbSpy ArbTicker
BeatBookies BestArb Bet On Value
Betlines BetsArea BetSquare
Bettor Paradise BMBets CheckBestOdds
CouponArbitrage EasyOdds in4bet
Layed-BackArbitrage Mathbet
Odds1x2 OddsExplorer OddsFinder
OddsPortal OddStorm ProArbs
Ratunga Arbs RebelBetting Sports Punter
SportSureBet SpymArQ Surebet Monitor
TXOdds UCantLose


Ex-Alert Services can be found here

This is the only comprehensive list of arbitrage alert services available online, and I would like to keep it as comprehensive as possible. If you run an arbitrage alert service and it is not on this page, then please contact us and tell us about your service. There is no fee to be listed, no requirement to be met, or any hoops to be jumped through. Just run a unique alert service and tell us about it.



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UCantLose Screenshot Surebets Emailed

UCantLose is an email and SMS based alert service which caters to the casual arber or may act as a supplemental arbitrage alert service. The service promises to provide at least 50 arbitrage opportunities each month, each one of which are delivered with a screen shot of the odds in place at each bookmaker, verifying that the odds are real. Subscription to the alert service also includes an arbitrage calculator.

Subscribing to UCantLose will cost £27 for 28 days. Currency Converter

<p >For those also interested in other work-at-home opportunities, UCantLose offers an affiliate programand provides a lot of material that can be used to promote their service. The program has good back office tracking software, and pays 30% of net sales.

<p >Updated: 5Nov12


Ratunga Arbs

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Ratunga Arbs is a software based arbitrage alert service which deals with 1X2, draw no bet, and halftime result arbs over 200 bookmakers in a variety of sports. The software also provides calculator functions (weighting of bets, commission calculations etc) and the usual expected filtering options. They are offering a 1 week free trial for the moment, but this is likely to be removed after a while, so act fast.

Also worth acting fast on, is their opening discounts. The standard cost for Ratunga Arbs will be €80, though as an introductory special they are offering monthly subscriptions for €60. If you purchase Ratunga through SAG’s extra discount purchase button, you receive an extra 5% off the cheapest available price. Currency Converter



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ArbAlarm by Zero Risk Arbitrage


ArbAlarm is the arbitrage alert software at the center of Sports Arbitrage World’s “The TraderZone”. ArbAlarm scans just under 200 bookmakers, and in conjunction with The TraderZone web interface, ArbAlarm can find mixed market arbs (complex arbs), middles, next-best-prices, and bonus hunter trades. It has a comprehensive range of filters including several palp warning filters and rule mismatch filters. Additional features can be found in the TraderZone or purchased additional to ArbAlarm. These features include ArbAccounts (automatic tracking of your arbs and bookmaker balances), ArbSurferPro (a web browser specifically designed for arb traders), various plugins and an arbitrage trading Ebook. They also have have buttons which allow traders to request features or report bugs in real time – these requests are added to a list, and other arbers are able to vote on the importance of each request. This creates an environment in which ArbAlarm and its various attachments are free to evolve naturally according to user demand. More information on each of these additional products and services can be found on the ‘Accessories’ and ‘E-books’ pages of SAG. All of this package is the culmination of a comprehensive update of the company previously known as Zero Risk Arbitrage. The new name and website all come with a number of interesting promotional videos and support options.

Sports Arbitrage World is offering free arb alerts on fridays, for life, for everyone who registers there. This deal is extremely good, and highly recommended. Go to Sports Arbitrage World now, and register for free, then get free arbs for life on one of the best days of the week.

ArbAlarm subscriptions cost £50 for 7 days, £149 for 1 month, £397 for 3 months, or £1497 for a whole year. Currency Converter

Sports Arbitrage World also offers an affiliate program which is open to all of their members to promote. In the affiliate back office they provide extensive materials for promotion, including videos, banners, unique software offers and emails. Earnings start at 25% per sale and go up as high as 50% in some cases.

updated: 20Sep2011


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Layed-BackArbitrage screenshot thumbnail arbitrage alert service


Layed-Back Arbtitrage is a service which focusses on the lay-back combination of arbitrage trading. Their service scans 50 bookmakers at this stage and covers a large variety of sports.

A free trial for 14 days is available, and there are a number of different plans which offer normal back/back arbs, or back.lay arb combinations, varying in price from $75 up to $150. Currency Converter


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Arbets Screenshot Arbitrage Trading Alert Service


Arbets provides arbitrage alerts through a dynamic website setup, with backup alerts available through email, SMS and personal messengers. They use 32 bookmakers, nearly all of which are A or B rated on SBR, although what sports and betting markets they scan isn’t specified.

A free version of their alerts is available to everyone where all arbs below 1% are displayed. Full membership opens access to all other arbs above 1% and costs £75 per month, £170 for 3 months, or £300 for 6 months. Currency Converter


Bettor Paradise

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Bettor Paradise Sports Arbitrage Trading Alert Service Screenshot



Bettor Paradise provides an arbitrage alert service which can be used for free by using their bookmaker affiliate links, or by referring friends. They use 33 bookmakers, six major sports, scan for inter-market arbs, and provide an odds comparison section. They also offer a neat Freebet Calculator, which helps to identify the best value bet to use your freebet on. They are the only service which offers inter-market arbs (referred to as “virtual bets” on their site) in a free registration environment.

Normal registration for Bettor Paradise will give you 14 days of free access, while using the link on this page or on the Sports Arbitrage Guide Free Trials page will provide an additional 14 day free trial (total of 28 days free access to all features). To extend your free access past your initial 28 days you need to register with one of their partner sites or refer a friend. Referring a friend will provide a 30 day extension, while using their affiliate link to register at a bookmaker will provide a 30 to 365 day extension determined by which bookmaker you register under.



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ArbitragePro Homepage Screenshot professional Alert service



This website is a very professional arbitrage service provider. It provides fresh arbitrage opportunities, updated every 60 seconds in 14 sports and around 40 bookmakers looking for arbs in a range of betting types. They have found 333 unique arbs in the past week (18 January 2007) with an average profit of 2.2%. They charge £140 per month, £378 for 3 months, and offer a part time service of £20 for 20 hours, or £60 for 65 hours for people who just want to pay for what they use. It operates in a web browser with an automatic refresh. It includes an advanced arbitrage calculator which automatically rounds to the nearest £5 when calculating your bets if you wish.

This service is targeted at the professional arbitrage trader, and their service is a good representation of what a professional arbitrage trader would want to work with.

Arbitrage Pro are also offering a free 2 day trial for a limited time (Expired. No free trial available anymore).Currency Converter



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ArbHunters Screenshot Sports Arbitrage Trading



Arbhunters offers an access to their members area for just £10 per month, while £30 or £50 per month will give you access to their E-mail and their
E-mail/SMS alert system. Different to most of the other services available, they are operated by several humans manually finding good quality arbs. They average 120 arbs
per month with an average return of 3%. Fewer arbs and slower delivery are offset by the cheaper access fee and the more abstract arbitrages they find. Not bounded by
software guidelines, people can find different styles of arbitrage which hopefully last longer than those found by software. They use 36 bookmakers with no specific sport
limitations. ArbHunters are great option as a supporting alert service provider to another primary alert service.
Currency Converter



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BeatBookies Screenshot Arbitrage Trading Alert Service



BeatBookies is an odds comparison website which offers a subscription only arbitrage alert service with a limitation of 30 subscriptions only. Their service is currently full with a waiting list of approximately 3-5 months. A one week trial may be taken out at any time for €30. Their services covers 66 bookmakers with 8 sports, and has incredibly comprehensive inter-market arb finding capabilities.

Subscription costs are €115 for 30 days, €310 for 90 days, €550 for 180 days and €965 for a year. Currency Converter



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ProArbs Arbitrage Trading Alert Service Screenshot



ProArbs was released in a beta phase in mid November 2011. They currently scan 38 bookmakers, and claim coverage of 1300+ arb combinations from their sports coverage. The service has a good basic filtering system which allows you to easily filter out bookmakers you don’t want, maximum and minimum arb percentages, remove arbs which require the same bookmaker multiple times, or base don number of bets involved in the arb.

ProArbs are currently in a beta testing phase, and so you can expect ongoing development and improvement over the coming months, and hopefully years. As such, during this time, their service is completely free.



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Arb Focussed

Betlines Screenshot Thumbnail Arbitrage Alerts



Betlines is a lines comparison website and sports arbitrage alert service. Subscription based, a free registration will give you access to a demo version which only displays lines from four bookmaker: TheGreek, BWin, Pinnacle and WagerWeb. The upgraded packages cover a total of 69 sportsbooks, a wide variety of sports, including sports like volleyball, handball, formula one, rugby, golf and cricket, and the upper level subscription options also include inter-market alerts. That means they will find arbs between different bet types; for example betlines will find arbs between the asian handicap and the 3way bet market for a particular game. This introduces a great deal more potential into the arbitrage possibility of this service. Inter market arbs to add a great deal of complexity to the issue though, so this is definitely not the best place for a beginner to start out at, but if you think you are ready for it, betlines also provides some of the most sophisticated arbitrage calculators available in order to help you calculate your bet distribution between the various markets.

Betlines has 4 subscription options. ‘Basic’ offers access to all of the bookmakers, collecting and comparing simple arb types and offering general functionality of all of the usual alert service features – filtering capability, alert restrictions etc, while ‘Professional’ introduces all of the inter-market arbitrage alerts for the first time. ‘Basic Plus’ and ‘Profesional Plus’ then add email alerts and ‘scalptracker’ to each respective package. Scalptracker is a downloadable software client for accessing the Betlines arbs. The prices are $45 for Basic, $60 for Basic Plus, $80 for Professional and $100 for Professional Plus per month. Currency Converter



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Arb Focussed

Oddsfinder Screenshot Thumbnail Arbitrage Alerts



Oddsfinder is an odds comparison website with a free sports arbitrage alert service. They scan 47 bookmakers. The alerts service allows you to filter based on profit and time until the event, and it has a very simple stakes calculator built in.



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison

BMBets Screenshot Thumbnail Arbitrage Alerts


BMBets is an odds comparison service which provides free surebet alerts streaming on their website. They cover 59 bookmakers and 10 sports. It is possible to register, but this is only necessary to save your filters and other settings – no subscription fee is charged.

Updated: 18Jan11



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison

betSquare Screenshot Odds Comparison Arbitrage Alerts



BetSquare is a small Odds Comparison website which offers a free surebet service which is easily subscribed to through RSS or email alerts. They cover 20 bookmakers and 10 sports. Their website is
available in 6 different languages.



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Support

OddStorm Screenshot Odds Comparison Arbitrage Alerts



OddStorm is an Odds comparison website which is very easy to use. Currently there are only a few bookmakers in the service, and they only provide soccer odds, asian handicaps on soccer, and then an arbitrage alert from those odds, but that is expected to expand over the coming months to more than 50 bookmakers.

They offer a free demo version of their service, showing only arbs up to 1.5% and with a delay of up to 10 minutes. Their paid version include a Pro version for €49 per month with a delay of up to 5 minutes, and a VIP version for €149 per month with instant delivery on all odds.



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison

Odds1x2 Screenshot



Odds1x2 is an odds comparison service with a free surebet service available to everyone. The service is pretty good quality for a free service and easy to use. It has a large list of sports and leagues which are scanned for odds.


Bet On Value

Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Enduring

Bet On Value Odds Comparison arbitrage alert Screenshot



Bet On Value is operated by the same company behind BetBrain, and was split off as a stand alone website sometime early in 2010. BetBrain no longer offers any surebet alert service, while Bet On Value, using the same bookmakers and odds feed as Bet Brain provides that service now.

Following from Bet Brains subscription methods, Bet On Value offers three subscription levels – Advanced, Expert or Surebet Pro. Advanced subscriptions are under a 20 minute delay and provide alerts for the standard 40 bookmakers + 10 extra bookmakers from the extended list. It costs €10 for 30 days, €51 for 6 months or €96 for 12 months. Expert covers all 160 bookmakers and exchanges and suffers from only a 3 minute delay on alerts. Expert subscriptions cost €50, €255, and €480 fopr 30 days, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Surebet Pro simply removes any delay imposed on the alerts, but is otherwise identical to the expert subscription. Surebet Pro costs €150, €765, and €1440 for 30 days, 6 months and 12 months respectively. Currency Converter



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed

ArbSpy Screenshot Free Arbitrage Trading Alert Service



ArbSpy is a completely free Arb Focussed website. It provides arbitrages, bonus arbitrages, and a list of free bets. It reportedly scans over 120 bookmakers in all of the major sports and covers moneyline, handicaps and under/over arbs.


Contactable | Arb Focussed Screenshot Free Arbitrage Trading Alert Service is a completely free surebets focussed website. It provides arbitrage alerts on the site, via email, or via RSS feed. It scans over 100 bookmakers and registered users can select bookmaker and sport filters. A built in calculator allows stake calculations.




Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Enduring

OddsExplorer Screenshot



Odds Explorer compares odds from a number of bookmakers on 13 different sports in a whole host of different leagues. Their sure bets section is easily found and they even have a ‘bonus arbitrage’ section, which indicates where you can register and deposit money in bookmakers, so that their bonuses allow you to place an arbitrage trade which takes advantage of the bonus money.

Odds Explorer is as simple as can be, there is no extra registration for special consideration or any bonuses, just simple arbs, updated “at least once every few hours.” Not practical for a professional arb trader, however just as good as any of the free services. Free, Easy to use, worth looking at.



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison | Enduring

TXOdds Screenshot odds comparison alerts



Previously just know as Tip-Ex, TXOdds is the new name to the odds comparison service which offers a subscription based alert service which provides arbitrage alerts. Their alert service costs €180 per month and allows subscribers to create email alerts for specific match ups or scenarios. Read more on their website. Currency Converter



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed

In4Bet Infobet Shurebet Plays 4 You Sports Arbitrage Trading Alert Service Screenshot



In4Bet, previously known as Shurebet.Plays4You, is a russian arbitrage alert service with a lot of impressive features. Alongside their arbitrage alerts, they provide a ‘Moving Odds’ feature which allows you to see what odds have recently moved (and how they have moved) in whichever bookmaker you select. They also take advantage of this feature to indicate which bookmaker initiates the arb; ie: which bookmaker moved their odds so that an arbitrage opportunity has arisen.

Free access to their alerts with a 10 minute delay is available to everyone, while $99 USD per month is the fee for their full service. Currency Converter



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Support

Easyodds Sports Arbitrage Trading Alert Service Screenshot is anarbitrage focussed alert service. It compares odds from about 85 bookmakers, 21 different sports, and finds inter-market arbs. They provide historic odds for selected bookmakers in selected markets, so it is possible to check to see how volatile the odds have been before placing an arb. They also provide direct links to the sports in question for some sportsbooks. Sportsbook filters, sport filters, percentage filters are available and a calculator is available for each arb.

Full membership is available for $50 per month, or $500 for a whole year – these are both available with a 25% discount for a limited time. A Pay-Per-Use membership option is also available, which seems to charge the account 5c per refresh. This is a good option for someone who only arbs one or two days a week. $25 worth of Pay-Per-Use is available for a free trial for all new members. Currency Converter



Active | Contactable | Odds Comparison

OddsPortal Screenshot odds comparison alerts



OddsPortal is an odds comparison website whick offers a free surebet rundown page. There does not seem to be any customisation available for the surebet information, but the layout is very easy to use. A simple calculator function is built into the display. They cover 47 bookmakers and 4 betting exchanges, plus have a good run down of bonuses on offer.



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Odds Comparison | Support

CheckBestOdds Screenshot Arbitrage Trading Alert Service was launched in June 2010. They are offering a free 14 day trial of their service, with arbs up to 1%. They currently scan 28 bookmakers. Subscription to CheckBestOdds costs €39.97 per month or €99.97 for three months. Resubscription is discounted 20%, and they are offering a 100% money back Guarantee if you are unsatisfied with their service.



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Support

Arbsfinder Screenshot thumbnail Arbitrage Trading Alert Service



ArbsFinder was launched around April 2010. ArbsFinder costs €50 per month, and shorter periods are available. A free version is available which displays arbs up to 1%.



Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed

SportSureBet Screenshot odds comparison alerts



SportSureBet was launched in Jan 2011 as a free surebet focussed alert service scanning 23 bookmakers. Full access to the alert service requires registration at more than 3 bookmakers through the websites affiliate links. Without this process, free access to arbs less than 1% is available.




Betting Shop Coupon Alert Services



Coupon Arbitrage

Active | Contactable | Arb Focussed | Betting Shop Alerts | Support

Coupon Arbitrage Screenshot Surebets Emailed


Coupon Arbitrage is a UK betting shop coupon based alert service which compares odds on regularly collected betting shop coupon prices against the far more rapidly moving online odds markets. The alerts are sent out by email or SMS as soon as they are identified, and a live arb feed is available on the website. They also provide a free odds comparison service amongst the online bookmakers that they collect odds for and arbitrage cross market calculators.

Subscribing to Coupon Arbitrage will cost £25 for 1 month, £45 for 2 months, £65 for 3 months, £110 for 6 months or £175 for 1 year. Free subscriptions can be gained by registering with one of their affiliates. SMS alerts cost an additional £2.50.Currency Converter


Inactive Alert Services



Free Sports Arbitrage

Arb Focussed

Free Sports Arbitrage Screenshot Surebets Emailed



18Jan11: While cleaning out this page I was finally able to get in contact with David of Free Sports Arbitrage once again. He says he will be reviving his service and creating a subscription service in the near future.

I have been unable to contact the owner of FSA for several months now, and several others have contacted me complaining that they are also unable to make contact. Not sure whether emails are still being delivered or not, but I suspect they are not since it was a manual email delivery service.


Free Sports Arbitrage is a brand new alert program which offers a free email alert service based on your registration with the recommended bookmaker they are affiliated with. As most arbitragers already are registered with many bookmakers, it might be worth negotiating with the Admin of FSA as to how many bookmakers you need to get membership. Even if you can’t register with any new bookmakers, they do offer a free 10 day trial which might as well be taken for the free arbs being delivered.

Members on the trial receive alerts in email and in Skype chat. The alerts are personally sent by the Admin who finds the arbs manually, and by using private software to help him. The arbs should therefore be quite unique, thus Free Sports Arbitrage is a great supplementary service to add to your current alert service. There is a live chat support feature (available only when the admin is online). In total, only 20 arbs per month are promised, but that is the minimum targeted goal. Full members are also able to receive alerts by SMS (planned). The site is also made to help people take advantage of free bets, and value bets.



Extinct Alert Services


In an effort to speed up loading time of this page, all extinct alert services have been moved to their own page.

Closed Arbitrage Alert Services

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