Avoid Scams – New Tool Helps Warn People About Scams

So I have been working on a project outside of Arbitrage Trading for almost two years now which has come together nicely. It is called rbutr, and I am writing about it here because it is going to be incredibly useful for helping warn people about scams and rip offs.

What is rbutr?

rbutr is a browser extension which tells you when the page you are looking at has been disputed elsewhere on the internet.

rbutr this page has 27 rebuttals

So, for example, my article on Arbitrage Investment Scams is a good example of a rebuttal of any arbitrage investment program being advertised on the internet. Once connected in rbutr, anyone visiting the arbitrage investment program will be alerted to the existence of my article and then able to access it.

So, for example, this is how the rbutr system records the connections. Here we have four pages offering the opportunity to invest in sports arbitrage investment funds, and they are all connected to the SAG Investment scams page. Whenever a rbutr user lands on any of those pages now, they will be told that the SAG page argues against the investment opportunity page, and they will be able to click through and read the SAG article.

Sports Arbitrage Investment Scam Rebuttal warning with rbutr avoid scams

This is invaluable from a consumer perspective, as it warns people about the potential scam, rip off, or even just poor value they are about to be sold on. It is also useful if you spend a lot of your time warning people about scams, or countering misinformation as you can get your content in front of the people who need it the most!

Help Us Save People From Scams and Misinformation

I know Sports Arbitrage Guide users are some of the most well informed people in the internet when it comes to spotting scams and rip offs. I would love to see each and every one of you install rbutr and use your knowledge to help save people from the manipulative and persuasive conmen out there, and submit every scam-scam warning combination you know of to rbutr.

rbutr is going to change the internet for ever, and getting a good grounding in warning people about scammers and ponzis is an important first step.

So go to http://rbutr.com right now, install and register, and get started!

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