What to do When a Bookmaker Won’t Pay up…

Inevitably we will all find ourselves worried that a bookmaker doesn’t want to pay us. Hopefully it will be because we made a mistake ourselves (which we can easily fix) and not because the bookmaker doesn’t have our money any more! (or worse, DOES have our money and simply wants to keep it). So lets look at how to resolve this problem…

Check YOU Aren’t the Problem

Before anything else, you really have to make sure you haven’t made the mistake which has led to this problem. Don’t start off with the assumption that the bookie is a crook and they are trying to steal your money – it will only make this process harder.

First, read any information that you can find on the bookmaker website that describes the steps you need to take before you attempt to withdraw. For example, many bookmakers will require scanned documents to be sent to them to prove you are who you claim to be, and that you live where you claim to live. They might want a scanned copy of photo ID, a utility bill (at the address where your betting account is listed at), a scan of the credit card you used to deposit with (if you used one), or sometimes all three of these.

In other instances, you may be expected to have bet all of your deposit at least once through, or reach a rollover requirement for a bonus you had claimed – the bookmaker shouldn’t hold your money in these cases, but most will not provide your withdrawal straight away but instead ask you if you are certain you want to withdraw early and pay some associated fee or forfeit your bonus – so check your email spam box and your in-house bookmaker message system to see if this has happened.

If you are confident that you have everything in order to enable you to withdraw, then you need to check to make sure you have provided them with the right withdrawal information. You can’t always withdraw using the same method you have deposited with, so make sure you are able to withdraw via the method you want, and make sure you have entered your account number, or whatever, correctly.

Check for Miscommunication

Many withdrawal problems may come from the fact that a bookmaker has requested some information, or some action, but either they have not been very clear with the request or you have misunderstood the request. The result of this is to leave you waiting for them to do something, while they are waiting for you do something – they forget about the situation and you assume they are avoiding paying up.

If in doubt, always go back and read through all of the emails you may have exchanged with the bookmaker in question. Also do a search of your spam inbox if you have one to make sure no crucial emails were missed.
If no emails have been exchanged at this point, be sure to remember this point as you begin to exchange emails – always ask for clarification if in doubt. Don’t try to guess.

Open a Friendly Dialogue


Assuming you have given the bookmaker a reasonable amount of time to make the payment (most good books will make the payment within a few days, but about a week is a reasonable amount of time to allow room for errors or genuine problems), you should send an email to customer service and explain your situation (calmly), and ask for someone to help resolve the situation and settle your account as soon as possible or explain the delay. Don’t demand anything or be rude about it, give them an opportunity to deal with a pleasant customer who they won’t mind helping out.

Persist with the friendly dialogue as long as is appropriate. If they offer a good reason, then take their word for it, and give them an appropriate amount of time to resolve the genuine problem before writing again and asking if the problem has been resolved and if you should be expecting your payment. Exactly how to handle this stage will vary completely from situation to situation, but if the bookmaker offers bad reasons, then try to call them out on it. If they repeatedly offer different reasons and seem to be stalling your payment, then you need to decide when the ‘friendly’ has gone on for long enough and move on to the next stage!

Make an Ultimatum

If you get to this stage, then you may have a real problem. If you have done everything right, been really nice about it and given the bookmaker plenty of time to fulfill his end of the bargain, then it is time to let the bookmaker know that if you don’t receive your money within the next 3 days, then you will go to the various major online sportsbook review services, and any appropriate governing bodies with your complaint.

Give them a specific period of time to make your payment and/or reply. Let them know that if no money or adequate reply is received, you will be contacting the appropriate governing body (this will very from bookmaker to bookmaker) and all of the major online bookmaker review sites to seek their assistance and lodge a general complaint about the service provided by this bookmaker.

If no money has arrived in the designated period of time, move on to the next step.

Contact the bookmaker review sites and any governing bodies

Exactly which site to contact will depend on where the book is registered, and which bookmaker review sites acknowledge its existence. Sports Book Review and The Online Wire are both very large well established websites that have a lot of influence over US facing books. Bookmakers Review and World Online Sports Bookmakers have a more global outlook and tend to get more of the smaller European, British and Asian books in their ratings guides. So if your bookmaker isn’t rated at SBR, it is not likely that SBR will be much help to you, nor would BMR be much help if your bookmaker isn’t rated with them. If your bookmaker isn’t rated at any of these rating websites – you really shouldn’t be betting with them in the first place – what were you thinking?!?

Dispute Resolution

See FAQ Should I bet with this bookmaker?

Exactly how you contact the bookmaker review sites can be done one of two ways, and you will have to decide this based on your circumstances. If you think you still have a chance of getting your money (because the book is well known, has a reputation to maintain and/or has a C or better rating on average), then usually the best thing to do will be to go to the most appropriate bookmaker review site and submit a complaint/assistance request form or email the site owner with your problem. Then see if they are able to negotiating on your behalf with their stronger position of power.

If this first option still yields no results, or if you don’t think you have a chance in the first place based on your ‘friendly dialogue’, the only thing left to do is to contact all of the ratings sites and submit your complaint to all of them. Hopefully, this will create enough negative publicity for the book that they will really regret screwing you around and find themselves heavily pressured into apologising and paying you your withdrawal in an effort to reduce the negative publicity.


  1. SBR Sportsbook Complaint Form
  2. BMR Complaints Page – information and directions for contact
  3. WOSB Sportsbook Assistance Contact Form
  4. TOW Dispute Assistance Page – email contact provided


There is no way to guarantee payment, but this is the best way I know of to give yourself the best chance of receiving payment. If the bookmaker is genuinely suffering from financial hardship, then unfortunately there is nothing that can be done to help – they can’t pay money they don’t have. If you are really lucky, they may find the money after some time and still complete the payment – but this is rare.

How to Avoid the Problem to Begin With

The reality of the situation is that some online sportsbooks and casinos are run by criminals who will have no problem stealing money from people. Your job as an arber is to minimise your risk by avoiding books that might fall under that category. As well as that, some honest books will go bankrupt from time to time. Again, you need to minimise that risk to the best of your ability by never allowing too much of your bankroll to end up in any one bookmaker, to watch out for warning signs of bookmaker collapse (watch chatter on forums, postings on bookmaker review sites, and any delays in payment processing etc.), and to stick with highly reputable books (well regulated ones too – for example Australia has strict regulations ensuring no bookmaker will ever close down and not be able to pay all of its players).

Everything outside of those two scenarios though, you just have to deal with to the best of your ability, along the lines described above. By doing so, you should usually get your money back by just being patient and diligent.

64 thoughts on “What to do When a Bookmaker Won’t Pay up…

  1. Hello,
    I have a big problem with The Greek Sportsbook. On 7th december 2011 I made 2 same wagers with total 494.89EUR for under 3 goals on the soccer match Excelsior vs AZ Alkmaar from Nederlands Eredivisie on odd 1.59. The first half of this soccer match have been played on 20th November 2011 with the result 0:0 but the second half was postponed for 7th December because of a fog. The Greek Bookmaker knew this fact because they offered so low odd for under 3 goals /1.59/. Their average odd for under 3 goals in any soccer match in Nederlands Eredivisie is about 2.2. The match finished with result 0:0 so I checked my account and there were 786 EUR. After a few days I entered in my account and there were 494,89 EUR!!!!! Immediately I sent a mail to their support and they answered me that they have canceled my bets because they didn’t know that the first half of this match have been played on 20th November???? How it is posible? This is a great lie of their part. Please check their odds for under 3 goals in Nederlands Eredivisie in their sait and you would not find such a low odd. How can they cancel my bets after the end of the soccer match and after their transfer of the money in my account??? I think I am a victim of fraud on their part!!!If they had canceled the bet before the start of the match I would have the opportunity to make the same bet, but with other bookmakers and then there would be no problem. Even they allow to their customers to cancel their bets, but ALWAYS BEFORE THE START OF THE GAME.

  2. I have placed many bets with William Hill, normally an ew canadian on there super plus betting slip. This advertises that a free single for only one winner (must be first selection on ticket) and all selections must run. On numerious occasions I have had only the first section as a winner, with other being placed. The last bet had the first selection a winner at 20/1 with one placed at 12/1. All at 1/4 odds. I was offered £2.40 back.

    1. William Hill are themselves a scam bookie, I know this as I won 600 and they stole it from my account. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT deal with them under any circumstances

      1. I placed a £2.00 accumulator on 10 games.
        they all came in, but the bookie refused to pay out.
        The cashier took the prices off the screen behind the counter then went to a black box and worked out how much I would win. He wrote the prices on the betting slim and the calculated winning amount…now they wont pay out as they said it was their error and he put the price on the one match down wrong.
        What should I do….customer services are siding with their employee!

  3. BWIN! worst bookies EVER!! I deposited £100 and won £65, I tried to draw it out and was asked to send picture i.d so I sent a pic of my passport. it was refused as they said it was too blurred, i sent another but same response. I then sent a perfect picture but that was then refused as they said it was too large. I made it smaller and the reply was that they have refused it becaus eI have sent too many documents. Not sure I will ever get paid out as when I phoned them I got through to an Indian call centre and the lady couldnt understand me. Anybody got any advice? thanks in advance.

    1. Hello

      My name is Agita Jakubovska,my username on betsafe is darsija5.I registerd on betsafe on 27.04 and deposit 150 eur.I placed 7 succes bets and my winning reach 1780.99eur.I request withdrawl.Henrik Larsson asking for documkents-ID,address bill and payment screenshot(in my case neteller),I sent all this documents(all was OK) and get answer-one more step to verify your account-phone call.On first time when he calling my phonme was out of network.On next day I get call from Latvian support team Janis-he asking 8 or 9 questions-my date of birth,how much I deposit,what was my deposit metod,what is my neteller ID number,on wich game I placed bet on 28 april,what was the odd on this game,what is the league where play this teams and last question was who winning on my last bet on 29.april.On all question I give perfect and corect answers.And Janis sad-OK,than you will get emailas soon as possible.Abaout after one hour I go to my account and I was shocked-all my woinnings was confiscate and deposit (150eur) returned to my neteller account.I go to LIVE chat and asking-whats happen.And Janis answered-You not the one that place the bets and played on the account!!!!
      Perfect busines-if customer lose their deposit or deposits-all OK,if customer win with only one deposit lot of money-confiscate deposit and retun deposit!!

      1. have you followed the advice in this article already? Have you tried everything else to get your winnings back? Naming and shaming a bookmaker should be the last step after they have refused to pay what is rightfully yours.

        1. They have done exactly the same thing to me. Confiscated about 2500 gbp in winnings. Exact same process, they are the scum of the industry. Shouldn’t be allowed to trade a single penny. Hope they go bankrupt.

        2. Hey dude, I don’t like the way you’re going about this.
          When deposit money to place bets everything seems to go smoothly. Why can’t it go the same way when you try to withdraw your winnings.
          You can help me by telling me what legal actions I should take

      1. Betway are the worst I won 2124.00 and they seized my account then sent a email saying due to fraud they taking my money.i don’t know how to go about getting my winnings.

  4. Bad practise from BET365 on abandoned match.

    I am contacting you because I made a bet on Bet365 :

    1 Dayrout Dayrout v Magagh
    (Fulltime Result) 28/11/2012 None 1.05 Lost

    and the match was abandoned yesterday with fans on the ground. By chat, they confirmed me that the match was abandoned (the was no “whistle signal”). After 24 hours, I still have seetle for this match. It was currently 3-3 at 97 minutes, when the fans enter in the ground.

    On other website,the settled the match abandoned with the same rules as Bet365 (I have have the sportrules on bet365.


    See the result for this match on Ladbrokes :


    But today, Bet365 did not settled the bet VOID but it settled LOST.

    How to solve this issue ?

  5. Do not use Sportspread spread betting bookmaker, based in Dublin, unless you are happy for them to keep your funds and ignore you or give you inaccurate timescales as to when you will receive withdrawals. They are hanging on to nearly €5,000 of my funds. You have been warned!

  6. I placed a bet with will hill’s 5 min markets in football match between 00.00 and 4.59 for a corner in that time. I watched the game and have it recorded. Sunder land win a corner against stoke on 4.45. But William hill says there records show 5.04. I’ve watched it a dozen times and know they are wrong but they are refusing to budge from the result. Usually I wudnt care but when I contacted them about it and explained wat happened I kept hitting a brick wall. I know I’m 100% right. This is not the first time I’ve had to query there in play betting with me actually getting a result changed that they declared lost a week ago. Wat are my next steps when they refuse to budge?

    1. Follow the same steps laid out in the article above. If you know you are right, and can prove it with your recording, then take it up with some regulatory bodies, and then if need be, post it on BMR and SBR and get their help too. Make Will Hill know that you have proof, and are planning on pursuing that until they pay.

  7. hi i hopened ancount with marathonbet & put a£1000 pound in i have won £1500 so far i tryed to make a withdrawer but had too send 3 items of id i have sent it 6 times now its now two weeks later & still no joy & now they have suspened my acount cos off id no way please can you tell me my next step

  8. I have a account with 365 I decided to withdraw £85.20 Whitch I had in my account .i though my funds would be payed into my private account within a couple of days but I was wrong. I started the transaction on the 09/01/2014 I have been in touch by phone and email about 6 or 7 times asking about my funds.customer service support 365 payment seem to have put my funds into card I had registered when I signed up with them,I got in touch again with customer service 365 again and told them the card I registered with them was cancelled by my bank and I had registered my new card I received from my bank with them customer service then sent me a email asking me for my username my security number the first 6 numbers and last 4 numbers on my debit card I had registered ,they also wanted my name .the date of transaction the amount withdrawn.i have given them this information about four times and they still haven’t resolved where my funds have gone. What do I do next to get the funds they Owen.

  9. I went into my local Ladbrokes made a £2 quick slip football bet you pick home draw or away I picked the teams I wanted they all won and at bottom of the slip it says if all selections are correct you win £4860 Ladbrokes said I done a competly different bet and I’m a loser phoned customer services they said nothing they can do said there machine printed wrong bet how do they get away with this?

  10. I placed a quad pot with ladbrokes but due to issue with there tote the bet was not taken so as you do you keep trying it so as I had not luck due issues with it the race went off and didnt get my quad pot on so as I sat down for the race about to put a bet on I found that my money in my account was down £31.50 and could not find where I had gone as my statement showed nothing apart from my single bets placed so as I carried on through the day still £31.50 down I tweeted ladbrokes care to find out if he could put an light on this so I got a reply that there was pool bets made he told me if I was not happy with this connect customers support but the problem was I was happy as the bet won and I just waited for it to be in my account so I waited and still no money in my account so the next day I phoned them and asked them but they had no record of the bet so it must of been night time by now and still no payment so I spoke to someone on there online chat told yes got your bet in front of me told it won and I put it on 14 times I said I can’t believe it how lucky was that so she said sorry for your wait and credit my account with £31.50 so as I told her that the bet came to more than that her reply was you didn’t mean to place the bet 14 times so my reply was but you took the money so I was fuming with this and phoned customer service and they had there investigation team looking at it so a day past and they phoned me while I was out and told me the bet never won and we give you your stake money back as a good will so I got home check my selection and they where winners so I phoned them asked them to tell me my bet and I told them the results and he said yes It won they are now telling me that I am only getting paid out on one and all the others are void

  11. Hi,

    I have a big problem. I have some money on sirbobet and it has been 3 months to withdraw. they told me that the company is going to close and will effect payment in the order of priority. how can I make this company withdraw my funds since I need them.


  12. company betfirst.be without explanation refused to pay me 1600 euros. my money last month and they have not received approval for conclusion, I sent all the documents, but they are silent and do not answer, please help me what to do? sorry for my english, I’m far away from Europe and I am in Armenia

  13. I won alot of money online Ladbrokes in 2009. Was told by one person on phone congratulations and the next person telling me I can’t ave my winnings. I’ve got it all printed off and on two withdrawal for £20.000 ad NO transactions withdrawal code all rest over withdrawal ad codes

  14. the final of the world cup this year i decided Germany were a sure thing so i went into
    LADBROKES where i use to spend a lot of time. I wrote the bet out on the football coupon (Germany to win the world cup) the young kid behind the counter said don’t use that coupon as their offering better odds at the moment, i will do it for you on the computer , so he printed me a slip after asking him to phone head office to confirm they would except the bet
    It turns out that he put it on for 90 minutes
    You no the Rest

    1. should state by law on betting slip thats its for 90 mins as i fort i had one on a six fold but one matches went in to exra time when my team won but classed it as a draw at 90 mins which seems wronge as bet on a win and the match never new this till checked online

  15. Please help!!

    I put £100 on Ajax to win, and they did but my bet lost! Gutted should of got £275 payed out, I contacted them and they said I had Ajax to win and both teams to score!! This was not I put the bet on, has this happened to any1 else ! Any advice would be gratefull cheers mick

  16. I have a very major problem which is causing me sleepless nights.

    I recently opened an account with William Hill. I have in the last 16 days lost about 17,000 Pounds and two days ago took out a loan from my bank and played some games only to get my winnings to 19,000+ Pounds. Lucky i think until my account went shut, dead, cannot log in or do anything again. All funds disappeared and I contacted customer service on chat and at the same time over the telephone.

    The person I spoke with on the telephone said she could not get through to security and asked for my contact telephone number and email. Sh asked me to forward my identity document which I did immediately. She said she will get through to me as soon as she gets through to security.

    The person I was chatting with said he will check with security and to my surprised, he said I had SE in place sometimes in 2011. I asked him what SE was and he said Self Exclusion. To this I said I do not have Self Exclusion in place and need this to be rectified.

    My worries now are,

    What happens to my wins?
    Are the bookies right to just take all my money while I am loosing and then say account closed while I am winning?
    If truly there was a self exclusion in place which I do not know about, what are my options?

    I have opened an account with my Name, My D.O.B, My Email Address, My current address, My email address and every other information needed to open an account and I do not understand why the bookies now after taking all my money for more than 17 days decided to shut my account after I have won my money back.

    They are yet to come back to me as they said within 24 hours but the closure of my account with my funds in it is causing me some nerve wrecking moments and I was wondering if anyone on here has any vital information that can help.

    Any information will be appreciated.

  17. Please players across Europe and further afield avoid Betbright.

    I deposited money, lost and realized my gaming was erratic and irrational. I decided to cut my losses and call them and request self exclusion, however, their phone number listed did not work. Tried to self exclude online, however, it did not allow and said i must contact them. Went to live chat and live chat was offline so i sent urgent email to support@betbright address to exclude me immediately. Went to sleep and then woke up 6-8 hours after, felt a rush to win money and was relieved that i has self excluded, however, i was allowed to log on and deposit thousands of pounds more and lose and only then they exclude me when no money left. They say they have done nothing wrong and have a great responsible gaming policy. I can only analyze that this company is like a one man band scamming peoples money.

  18. I’ve placed hundreds of betting at Boyle sports, not once did they care about my age, not until I wanted to withdraw, I’ve sent driving license, birth certificate, bank statements, credit card, bank card, now they want my bank to send them a letter to confirm who I am, don’t join these crooks, you have been warned

  19. They are a joke!! They have blocked me from my account and stole £800 off me.. I’ve been trying to get it back for the last 3 months now.. They lie and tried to manipulate you..

  20. A simple and effective protection for your investment is too have an exellent quality camcorder on a stand recording your days work. Under no circumstances will any book delete your staked bet and get away with it. Just make sure to record login clear and close up of screen. Enjoy.

  21. Put 5 euro on placepot in dundalk last night came up 814 went in to collect this morning over 4000 grand and was told the ondly pay out 1000 limit on placepot this is in smallest of writhing at back of shop yet there limited for virtual is 2000 stupid

  22. have placed a bet on the Tyson and Klitschko fight at 5/1 and won my bet wich betfred will not pay out for at this odds. Betfred will only give me 10/3 when I walk in to the betting office I asked for the odds and the lady told me there was a boost on wich would give me 5/1 so being good odds I placed a bet which will not be honoured. the lady filled my slip in for me and signed it. I find this completely unfair

  23. Ladbrokes are not letting me take a withdrawal from my account.
    Its been 12 days now, and i am still struggling to get my money.
    I was asked to submit the documents – Id proof, address proof, Debit card front and back copy along with deposit form.
    I send all the documents, and after few days they will tell me one of the document was not correct and i had to send again.
    On asking what was wrong, they never explained me, just said its wrong.
    I sent multiple copies of my documents so that one of them migt be accepted.

    Finally Ladbrokes are happy with the documents but they are waiting for the security team to approve it.
    Its been 4 days, and i am still being asked to wait. Earlier it was told maximum of 72 hrs i need to wait.

    I constantly keep calling customer care for updates, even requested their manager Richard to look in to this.
    Even their manager never calls me or emails back giving me the update.
    No one from Ladbrokes is supporting me and they ask me to wait and not even giving any time frame.

    Its a massive amount, i have been waiting for last 12 days to get my money and its sad that a highly rated company Ladbrokes are cheats.

  24. I have the same problem with fu…..ing ladbrokes the c…u…nts. I oppened an account with them last night 8-2-16, i made a few deposits totalling 140-170£ and i carried on playing. Before i knew i was up 6-700£, as an ex gambler i went at it again and again before i knew i was 1500£, im trying to withdraw the cash but main wallet is saying 30£, so im calling ladbrokes again, someone comes on the line and tells me that i had still to play as i had to do my wager, apparently i had to play about 2500 in bets fot the 20% of it to go to wards my wager as it was 480 something that had to go. So i carried on playing, after a while i went to 2700£ up, and main wallet allowed me to do a withdraw, so i did 2500 back in the card and 200 kept in account for a bit more fun. Lost that 200 and went to bed. Git up i. The morning qent to ladbrokes to withdraw some cash as i canceled the transaction and put the money back in the account so i could have it cash from the shop. I went to the shop showed the guy my account and he started to make my money ready, but when he put my details in it asked him to talk to cs, they spoke to me and said that i had 5 free spins that i havent used and that need it to be used and offerd to get that feature away for me so i could have the money, when he got back on the line to us the line went dead and my account went from 2500 to 30. So u can imagine how i feelt, i called them back and they said to me that based on the bonus i had last night i shouldnt be allowed to withdraw any finds cause i didnt play by the rules, or some shot they where chating. Now thay cleared my account and dont give a shit any more, thieves. Can any one help please, or where can i go to for something like this?

  25. What happens if I put a bet on 1 second late but the cashier took the money and even after I asked again if she took my bed to which she replied yes your bet is on. The horse won but now won’t pay me out . She admitted her mistake . Pls advise

  26. Ladbrokes are not paying out on the Man United FA Cup win today/ sending customers to T&Cs claiming 90 minutes bets and a draw. No 90mins or genres on betting screens or the Ticket Receipt. It’s a straight Man U to win & both teams to score. 4/1 £50 on single. I feel completely mugged.

    Extremely poor tactics. I am £250 down on a winning bet. I will go to the Gambling Complaints Commission but is there anything else I can do? This is just a reminder of why I do not bet regularly.

  27. arbitrage of tennis match. ATP. Nottingham. Great Britain. Grass. Doubles betwwen.

    Dodig I./Melo M. – Marach O./Martin F. sir i got asian handicap for team total games surebet oods were

    1st team H1 (-3.5) : 2.37 marathonbet & 2nd team H2 (+3.5) : 2.01 betcity

    Match went under Super tie break sir final score for the match were 2:1 (5:7,6:3,10:6)

    both the bookmakers refuse to pay my stake with profit according to marathonbet he says If a super tie-break is used to decide the final set, this is counted as a set consisting of one game
    So let’s take a look if score was (1st set 5:7,2nd set 6:3,3rd set 10:6) in this case total games are 12:10 because in tie break 3rd set counts like 1 game. First set 5:7 Second set 6:3 total games in two sets 11:10 but because of 3rd set counts like 1 game, now total game of the match become 12:10 due to tie break. Winner of the 3rd set in tie break get one point and the opponent get 0 That’s why your bet a lose

    and betcity says In tennis matches during the final set (super tie-break) handicap and total are calculated by points.


    now please tell me whoose miistake is this and whom should i call for help now please solve my query !!!!

  28. I recently opened an account with 888sport the day before I proceeded on holiday using a promise of Treble Odds on my 1st Bet, I placed a 50GBP bet on a horse and a 49GBP accumulator. I then proceeded on holiday, the following morning connecting to my hotel Wi-Fi via smartphone, I had received an email congratulating me on my Treble the odds win, So I went to log into the site to check on my winnings, I received a notice that I was logging in from an unsecure network, so I turned Wi-Fi off and connected using my UK SIM and would take the hit on data allowance, I could not login, later on in the day I received an email stating my account had been suspended due to suspicious behaviour, so unable to login, unable to check balance, contacted the help desk via registered email and told them of my mistake, however they require a copy of my Debit Card Front and Back/Passport/Utility bill before they would unlock my account. I questioned this as obviously they responded to my registered email, they accepted the deposit after going through my own bank checks and the previous explanation of it was me checking my account from abroad. I told them that I could not supply as abroad and was not happy with supplying the very details that could lead to ID Theft or fraud – the very thing they said they were protecting me from.
    Therefore unhappy with the service I asked to close the account and refund my funds to my registered debit card that they had accepted for the deposit (following bank safety checks). The immediate reply was we have closed your account IAW with your instructions but will not refund without the required documentation. They could give me no confidence that my documents if supplied are secure, who has access to them or they could not be stolen or passed on only that there method of uploading the documents are secure. I was not happy with this, now I can supply my Bank Card front and Back with Front and Back Digits obscured?? So therefore I can Photoshop the required documentation. I believe because I was not happy with the service supplied within 14 days then The Consumer Credit Act overrides any local T&C.

    Surely the fact that they closed my account from my registered email, that to deposit funds I went through my own bank security checks, a credit check on myself proves who I am, but uploading 3 main items that would lead to ID theft and possible fraud without confirming the level of protection on those documents, plus a statement advising me to edit the documents is a breach of my Consumer Rights.

    Anyone else experienced this

  29. in october 2015, i opened an account with marathonbet.co.uk to be asked for documents. These were provided, time and time again. They closed the account and kept the money, never to be seen again.

  30. I placed two one pound each way lucky fifteens in March I a corals betting shop in corals hartlepool I was on the gaming machine and won sixty pounds that coverd my best I went to put my bet on and was asked if I would like to use my connect card I said ok but was then told it was not working she asked if I would like her to contact customer services I said no as the race was nearly off my first horse won but when I went to collect my winnings I was told my first horse was void because my bet was late off I said this was because the problem with the connect card I took my case to ibas who had a lot of sympathy with me but was told by corals that the reason my bet did not go on was that there was no money in my account there does not need to be any money in the account but the card helps you to get the best prices and your winnings can be used online corals lied to win there case

  31. My advice to punters is not to bet with William hiĺl ,as you may well get burnt fingers
    I won £600 on 49s evening draw they refused to pay me stating I was 6seconds late .even though the cashier stood by me (later lost her job)the bet was placed on time and I had returned to where I had been sitting before the draw took place :but there is no law to support punters and that’s whats required all we can do is heed the warning signs and boycott the conmen

  32. I opened an account with black type
    They let me deposit and open an account no problem. I won on this occasion 2,200 off a 30 pound stake. They let me and this and withdraw. Then the next day day I received an email stating that because I had self excluded from a so called sister site that I am not eligible for my winnings and they will refund my deposit. I’ve ever mailed them to complain
    But they are lying thieving bastards. If I have self excluded from one of there sister websites why the hell was I allowed to open an account with themselves to deposit money. They have only complained as I won

  33. I placed a £20 win bet on a horse with coral and was given my betting slip. The horse won and when I went to pick up my £100 winnings only to be told they wouldn’t pay as I was 31 seconds too late. So my question is why did they take my bet and if I had of lost they would of still took my money . Is there anything I can do about this.

  34. I put a £5 straight Tricast bet on an american horse race all three horses placed in order. I went to the counter to collect my bet and was told that they would only pay out a forecast because it was an american race. I got £93.06 for the forecast but the 3rd placed horse came in at 10-1 and my winnings should have been just over £1200 should ladbrokes have honoured the bet as a tricast as it was accepted without question.? Is there a governing body in the UK to make a complaint? Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi,

    I’m having real problems with Matchbook. They never asked for KYC when i joined but did after 6 months. There is now over £2,000 in the account. They flatly refuse to accept all the info i can provide, as i do not have a picture ID. I am disabled you see and can’t drive and never travel anywhere as i’m houseband. I have told them all this but they won’t budge and are downright nasty. I have an EHIC card and GOV.com info, all bank statements, utility bills etc. The account is still open and they accept bets and offer me bonus’s.
    Keep away from these shysters Matchbook as they are the worst firm i have ever dealt with and i’ve been gambling over 50 years..

  36. hi!
    I deposit with Skrill account 50 Euro. I win 1600 Euro on betting and decided not to play any more and want to make a withdrawal. You can make a maximum of 1000 Euro withdrawals. I made my withdrawal on 2017-05-24 and nothing has happened for 8 days. I speak with live support every day and they answer me that your withdrawal is soon done and will be sent. They give me the same answer all the time everyday. I sent mail to support@flamantis.com and have not received any response from them for 4 days. Sick o proffissonell of them! I talked to them today, 2017-06-01 and they can not give me any information and they rejecet my withdrawal without declaring why they did so I got my money back on flamati’s account again! I want my money and they refuse to send my money to my skrill account. What should I do please?

    Username : Salih84


  37. Hi dear support,
    I am waiting for withdrawal from zebet.com from 20 days to skrill.
    My acc. has been verified by them after uploading of my documents and they sent me email that i am able to withdraw money.
    I gave 3 withdrawals after that date on 13,14th and 15th in total amount of 5800EUR .
    They are telling me always i have to wait bla bla.
    I would be happy if you can assist me on that case.

    Username: emurla9

    Take care!

  38. Hopa keep away from them tried to with draw my winnings won’t allow me I can deposit as much as I want soon it came to with draw winnings needed I d I sent I d to be told 7 times its accepted but need it jpeg witch I can’t do 10 weeks later still no reply

  39. I had a very unacceptable experience with Fastbet.com! I did register on this website and made a nice profit. When i tried to withdraw the money they asked me for more and more documents. I did send them al including a picture of my face and ID card. After my next withdraw they said they had to do a ‘random’ security check and could not tell me what was this about. After a lot of messages to them and every time the same response they said: your account got banned because suspecting of fraud. I’m sorry?! This is totally unfair!!! I did nothing wrong and they don’t have ANY clue to suspect me of fraud! They don’t even tell me the reason..
    I just placed a bet and won, this is so not fair! Please do NOT trust this website!!! This is absolutely insane!


  40. while playing magpie mayhen in ladbrookes four nests dropped in which takes you to the feature where you win when the machine crashed and restarted with the feature gone when I told the staff she spoke to someone who said to come back the next day when I returned i was told there was no problem with the machine I’m furious when you ring to complain theres nothing done I lost over £80 keep well away from ladbrookes there customer service is non existence

  41. HI MEMBERS ,

  42. I have to bet365 website to completed my kyc verifications. Then 30may2018 I have to another neteller to deposits bcz my account register neteller account hack and disabled this resion to I have to another neteller to deposits then close my account. Not give me my account balance. Plz help me I needed another neteller to withdrew my account balance. Plz help me.

  43. Yesterday I placed £1 request bet on Leeds to score 3.or more goals against Derby odds where66/1 should have payed £67 but skybet said they made a mistake with odds so only payed me £9 odds were 8/1 which I don’t believe is right skybet agreed that they made mistake and are offering £5 free bet iv photos of both bets can I claim the £58 off original bet 66/1

  44. i won 8000 aus dollars on a site called FAIRWAYBET.over 3 months later they still wont pay.they have broke their own terms and conditions and refuse to answer my questions as to why.DO NOT bet with this company,i dont know how they are allowed to operate in australia as they are breaking aus gaming laws.can anyone say who to contact to officially complain

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