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New Cheaper Pricing for RebelBetting

RebelBetting recently announced that they have lowered their prices for longer term subscriptions.

  • 6 months now cost €499 instead of €594 and is now 36% cheaper than buying single months.
  • 1 year now cost €799 instead of €1068, a huge discount where you save 48% compared to a monthly subscription!

They have also replaced the once-0nly trial week with a regular one week subscription, and have completed a redesign of the website.

Have a look now.

Rebel Betting Christmas Sale

The ever popular Rebel Betting sales are on again, saving you up to €700 for a 12 month subscription. If you are using Rebel Betting, or looking to get started, NOW is the time to snap up the full year subscription, while it is about half price!

  1. Save €700 by subscribing for 12 months. You pay €848
  2. Save €300 by subscribing for 6 months. You pay €474
  3. Save €100 by subscribing for 3 months. You pay €287

The sale ends on THURSDAY though (13th of December 2012), so head over to Rebel Betting now and take advantage of the massive savings!


RebelBetting – Most Popular Alert Service

Since RebelBetting first entered the Sports Arbitrage Scene around April 2009, it was clear to me from the beginning that this was going to be a serious company making a serious bit of software. They weren’t hiding behind crass marketing or exaggerating their successes like most of the rubbish that we are all forced to filter through on the internet. No, RebelBetting jumped right in to the dragons den of ArbForum, and said “Come try us out. Let us know what you think and we will try to improve.”

And improve is exactly what they did. They withstood the onslaught of criticism and negativity guaranteed to anyone offering arbitrage services in arbforum, where even if someone does actually like your service, they dare not admit it for fear of letting everyone else know that your service is good!

RebelBetting Most Popular Arbitrage Alert ServiceHaving survived the first test of ArbForum – remaining resolute and resourceful in an atmosphere of extreme pessimism – it was interesting to then watch the guys at RebelBetting continue to build one of the most professional arbitrage companies that I have ever seen, and much much more importantly, the most respected alert service on the market, which I can now safely say, is easily the most popular alert service on the market too.

Through constant upgrades and improvements, with continual growth of features, sports and bookmakers, RebelBetting has managed to demonstrate to all of its customers that it is a reliable company which will continue to improve and guarantee the quality of their product. That knowledge, combined with the fact that their software simply works really well is why RebelBetting are the most popular alert service on the market.

Congratulations RebelBetting for all of the hard work, and I would like to award RebelBetting the brand new “Most Popular” badge, to be proudly worn on the alert services listing page.

Visit RebelBetting now and have a look at their first class software today.


Rebel Betting Arbitrage Video

Rebel Betting have just released this great new video which explains what arbitrage trading is. Great visuals to help non-arbers understand what this is game all about.

Rebel Betting is by far the most popular arbitrage alert service and with good reason. They do everything with style and professionalism. You really cannot fault Rebel Betting at all.

See Rebel Betting’s website.

Rebel Betting Christmas Promotion

Rebel Betting is offering some incredible christmas promotions over the coming weeks.

Three weeks, three incredible offers, one each week. The first offer expires this Thursday.

Free Week

Join Rebel Betting on Facebook before  Thursday (23:59 CET) and get a week for free!

Save 150 EUR!

Buy a 6 months subscription and receive a 150 EUR discount, or buy a 3 month subscription and receive a 50 EUr discount. (Dec 14-16)

Give away a month!

(Dec 21-23) You probably have a friend that would like to try RebelBetting. Why not give them a christmas present with a free month! (Value 99 EUR). Totally free when you purchase a month for yourself.

Rebel Betting Focus on Middles

Rebel Betting have just released another update to their software, version 3.3. Not a big update this time around, just adding the ability to set an independent filter for middles – allowing you to set a lower profit threshold, or even a negative profit threshold. This is nothing ground breaking, but it is always a good feature to have in any alert service.

They have also indicated that their next release will be an improvement to their calculator. Hopefully soon after that we will see several new bookmakers added to keep increasing their overall coverage 🙂

Arbitrage Alert Services Review

A big question in the arbitrage community: Which alert service should I use?

Unfortunately, there is no standard answer. There are many alert services in the market. Probably more than 35. Also, many professional arbers are constructing their  own alert services, but I really cant help with that. Here, you can see the list http://www.sportsarbitrageguide.com/blog/blog/components/alerts and as you understand, you can’t try all of them.

I tried most of them. The best way to compare alert services is to put them side by side, and see what happens. From this big list, I chose  7 alert services and I compared them, side by side. I will inform you about the results, but keep in mind that the comparison goes together with my personal arbing style. Each and every arber has a personal style. Even though it is easy to copy ones style, it is better to find your own, that suits you best.

These are among the best alert services, and I intend to review 1-2 more that I suspect have something to give. Alert services go together with basebooks. So when you choose an alert service, you are pushing yourself towards a specific style of arbing. A huge bankroll might allow you to use 2-3 basebooks and use more than 1 alert service. This is for experienced arbers. Major markets such us Euros and World Cups, require that you use 2 or even 3 alert services, so there will be not even 1 second lost.

Keep in mind also, that when you gain some experience, the alert services will show you the way, so you could grab arbs from not covered bookmakers or markets.

For the time being I choose BeatBookies as the best alert service, and ArbExpert as a supplement. If you can’t get BeatBookies, then you should look for RebelBetting.


This is the best alert service in the market. This is the best tool in the hands of an arber. Why?

The list of bookmakers that it covers is the most complete, and probably there are only 1-2 bookmakers missing, a number very small compared with the competitors. It covers perfectly almost every bookmaker. Putting BeatBookies side by side with every other alert service, you will see that in most of the occasions, it will find arbs that nobody else could find. Beatbookies is offering a big variety of Cross Market Arbs that you can find in the market. The combinations are complex, offering arbs that no other alert service will find. Speed is great. The filters that it offers makes arbing “tailor made”.

Beatbookies alert service is available only for 35 clients, meaning that the competition among them is not tough. Arbs are there waiting for you to come for many minutes. No need to run in order to grab an arb before somebody else does. The arb will be there 95%.

Another strong point of Beatbookies is that it makes arbing possible, even if you are limited by the vast majority of bookmakers. You can maintain a high level of profits, even if you still have 8-10 bookmakers available. Also, when you find your self trapped, trying to finish a tough roll over requirement, Beatbookies will find even the smallest arb position to help you with it. Even if this is not possible, BeatBookies can find negative arbs close to 0%, so you could escape with small damages.

On the other hand, a big problem with Beatbookies is that there is a waiting list till you become a client, because the number of clients is limited strictly to 35. There is a choice every now and then for clients, to offer the highest bid, but this an unpleasant situation.

To sum up, I believe that Beatbookies alert service is the best service that an arber could get in the free market. It is not for a newbie. A newbie should start with RebelBetting, or BetOnValue, get some experience there, and then come back here.

The fee for this service is very low for the service that you get. Consider it as a great deal.


ArbExpert is an alert service that everybody should have. The price is very low, and it will pay you back for sure. That is why I choose ArbExpert as the best supplement.

Even if you don’t get it as your primary alert service, you could always get it as a supplement. Believe me, it can pay back many times the fee that you pay. Clearly, it can’t be your main alert service if you are a Betfair fan, but it can be your #1 choice if you use the asians very much. Pro arbers use many basebooks at the same time, so ArbExpert has a value here. The list of bookmakers covered by ArbExpert is very much complete. Almost 90 bookmakers.

ArbExpert, covers perfectly 2 Asian basebooks, Bet188 and SBObet, making it a great tool for those who prefer these basebooks instead of Betfair. Also, it covers perfectly those Costa Rican bookmakers. Costa Rican bookmakers offer some great bonuses and many players find themselves trapped there, trying to finish with the tough roll over requirements. ArbExpert can help you finish with them and pocket those bonuses fastly. Cross market arbs are presented here and the variety of them is really big. In some occasions, the cross market arbs that you see here are not presented anywhere else. This alert service offers a stable service, since it finds arbs even when the rest of the competitors are slow. Also, the speed of finding/supplying arbs is one of the best in the market, and the best in certain markets.

On the other hand, ArbExpert presents a limited number of lay bets from Betfair, and that means that many arbs might escape. In general, Betfair is not covered perfectly. Also, sometimes the arb will continue to be shown for some minutes, when in reality it is not there any more. Some very sophisticated markets are missing, and those with huge bankrolls will immediately notice it. To sum up, I would get ArbExpert at any time as a supplement. Since ArbExpert is not well known from the vast majority of arbers, (that prefer more advertised brands) this alert service keeps a good value. The fee is very low and it guarantees that you ll get your money back, multiplied.


When RebelBetting appeared in the market, it was a revolution. It was the most automated service in the market, and as a result, the fastest. It had a great potential, and it showed the way to the rest of the alert services. Unfortunately, the list of bookmakers covered by RebelBetting was short from the very beginning and it remains short, even though the need for a longer list is big.

The bookmakers covered are almost 25, when some of the competitors cover 90+ bookmakers. This is an important problem that RebelBetting guys should solve. On the other hand, this software is doing almost everything automatically. Showing arbs, taking you to the right page immediately and calculate everything also immediately. It helps arbers to save these important seconds so when you arrive there, the arb will still be there waiting for you. Time means money and Rebelbetting is helping you save time and earn money.

It also shows you warnings in case there is a possibility of a void bet or a palp. Also, if you don’t like the idea of going to the bookmaker’s page via RebelBetting, you still have the option to do it manually. My opinion is don’t do it manually. To sum up, this is a great service and it covers perfectly those 25 bookmakers. But until this number goes to 40, the competition will be hard for RebelBetting.


ArbitragePro alert service is a good tool in the hands of a professional arber. That means that if you are starting your career in arbing now, you should leave it for a later time. It is the fastest to present arbs and the most sensitive to odds movements.

One of the advantages of ArbitragePro is that it covers very well 3 basebooks. Pinnacle, SBObet and Bet188. As a result, a huge number of arbs with Asian handicaps appear here, since these 3 basebooks are targeting Asian handicaps markets. I really can’t say that it covers Betfair or Betmate/Betdaq the same way, since many markets are missing, and there are no lay bets.

On the other hand, ArbitragePro is the fastest way to become limited. The number of covered markets is not big, and as a result, hundreds or thousands of arbers are running to the same bookmakers and the same odds at the same time. Also, this alert service is not covering markets such us: first/last goal scorer, HT/FT, exact score, etc. These are markets very essential for someone with a big bankroll. Another bad point of this alert service is that there are many bookmakers missing and also, there are no Cross Market Arbs. The fee of almost 200 Euros per month and it is very expensive for this service.

To sum up: A very stable service for many years now, but I believe it is time for ArbitragePro to present an updated version.


BetBrain alert service, after it’s new shape BetOnValue, lost much of it’s reliability. Even though, BOV has one of the best market coverages in the industry, still, many markets are missing compared with the old service and that makes you ask why they did it? This is the alert service that many arbers started. It can help all types of arbers. From the very new, to the most experienced, this alert service will offer great profits. Small bankrolls, big bankrolls, it suits everyone.

The biggest advantage of BetOnValue is that it covers almost perfectly Betfair. Why is this so important? Because Betfair is the best basebook. It is the exchange with the depth that a professional arber needs. It offers a huge variety of markets, and of course, the possibility to trade. Betfair is the exchange that offers the biggest profits. BetOnValue presents lay arbs from Betfair, and I can say that no lay arb will escape from it.

BetOnValue also covers Betdaq/Betmate. This exchange has the characteristics of a basebook, but in reality it can’t compete with Betfair. It works as a supplement.

The number of markets covered by BetOnValue is really big. That means that it will take more time till you get limited, because arbers are running in a large number of directions in order to place arbs. That means that your accounts will not get labelled soon. For those who are trying to finish with tough roll over requirements, BOV gives you the option, when selecting a conditional bookmaker, to impose the minimum odds that you need, and this is useful for those who need to meet bookmakers’ conditions in regards to the minimum odds required in their promotional offers.

Also, BetOnValue is covering some very unreliable bookmakers, so you have to be very cautious when you choose a new bookmaker. Another good point of BetOnValue is that it offers Cross Market Arbs, and that makes it stronger against the competitors.  No free trials here. Also, the price is very high for this service.


SportsPunter alert service is targeting the professional arber. That means that if you are starting your career in arbing now, you should leave it for a later time, just like with ArbitragePro.

One of the big advantages of SportsPunter is that it offers Cross Market Arbs, mixing handicaps with 3 way, and 2 or 3 way bets. For example, AH +0 combined with 1X2 result.

Speed is good here, so you will be one of the first to see arbs.

It also covers a big variety of markets. The possibility to be limited from bookmakers exists here also. SportsPunter is sending arbers in various directions, due to it’s great variety of markets and that guarantees that limits from bookmakers will not come fast.


OddStorm alert service is not covering Betfair at all, and this is a big problem for an alert service against the competition. Oddstorm needs urgently to cover Betfair. On the other hand, it covers very well the Asians basebooks and you also have a direct live chat with the webmaster. The fee for this service is 150 euros, and I believe that it is very expensive for what you get.

Arbusers and SAG will stay in touch. More reviews will be coming later. Stay tuned.


Nikos is the creator of Arbusers.com and an experienced arbitrage trader of many years. See all of his alert service reviews and much more on Arbusers.com

Rebel Betting Promotion

Rebel Betting have just launched version 3.1 of their software. To promote the latest upgrade, they are offering the rest of July free to anyone who subscribes to their service. Their announcement follows:

If you subscribe for a month or more, you will get the rest of July for free. (So if you hurry, you’ll get more than two weeks!)

The Fine Print: This works for all users, even if you’re already a subscriber, but can’t be combined with other offers.
After you have subscribed, reply to this email with your username and mention you suffer from “Post World Cup Depression” to get the free days.

One new bookie, several new markets and new arbs

RebelBetting version 3.1 was released last week. We’ve added Betsafe and European Handicap, which means 25 more cross market combinations (and a lot of new arbs). Download Here.

So now is a pretty good time to give RebelBetting a month+ try out.

RebelBetting Launched – 50% Discount

The RebelBetting beta testing has ended and their software has now been launched. The cost for a month subscription is now €99, reduced to €49 for a limited time, with longer subscriptions receiving similar, and larger, reductions. A 7 day free trial is available, with an ongoing free access to all arbs under 0.6%.