Canbet offline due to debt

After several months of complaints due to unpaid withdrawal requests attributed to a an IT glitch, it appears that CanBet has finally closed its doors recently with the site being completely dead and unresponsive over at least the past week.

Canbet seemingly turned dodgy after several years of lukewarm impressive service back in November of 2013.

As such, in the future, we here at SAG are going to endeavour to more closely monitor the quality of sites like this where they fall in to decline so we can let you know as soon as possible. To do this, we need your feedback – for better or worse – constantly.

We are working to establish a system and will be following up with more information regarding this over time.

As veterans will know, Canbet is not the first bookmaker for which this has happened. We encourage you to leave us feedback here and also in the comments on

You can read more information about the closure of Canbet here:

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