Pinnacle Sports Closing in UK

ome disappointing and very important news in the arbitrage world and some good news to make up for it!

So let’s get to talking…


Due to new laws coming in to effect in the United Kingdom, Pinnacle Sports will be closing all UK accounts and will no longer accept wages made after the 30th of September, 2014.

Pinnacle Sports has always been one of a select few sharp bookmakers who encourage arbitrage traders and who even openly welcome arbitrage action since arbing rose to online popularity.

The book’s existence and its open acceptance of arbitrage activity has always helped in introducing many newcomers to arbing while lending to the credibility of arbitrage trading as a legitimate work from home occupation with excellent money-making potential.

This is the second deep blow to Pinnacle’s business since the book voluntarily exited the US market in late 2007.

Pinnacle will continue business as usual for accounts outside of the United Kingdom and these accounts will not be affected by the decision so non US or UK residents who do not hold an account should sign up here.

Pinnacle’s announcement of the changes on their website.

Pinnacle’s closure in the UK is just one more reason more for arbers to thoroughly consider the virtues of arbing with betting exchanges…


As a direct result of Pinnacle’s withdrawal from the UK market we at Sports Arbitrage will be focusing on the massive benefits to be reaped and the sensible practicality of using betting exchanges for arbitrage trading..

Betting exchanges are sites much like sportsbooks where punters, independent bookmakers and all sorts converge to make and offer bets on sporting events. They work like a kind of like eBay but for betting, and they function exactly the same to you as as any other bookmaker site while arbing.

Betting exchanges do not limit your stakes or winnings in the conventional way that sportsbooks do, so you never have any fear factor of dealing with the inevitability of limitation.

We will be posting detailed reviews and recommendations on as many betting exchanges from as many locales as we can. IMPORTANT STUFF YOU NEED to stay sharply profitable, so do do not miss out and pay close attention to the next few emails from us. We’re already in talks with some exchange sites as well to offer some exclusive deals you will only find through notice from SAG.

So tell your arber friends, newcomers and those who might even be remotely interested in a work from home opportunity that does not involve dealing with customers and allows total and absolute freedom of lifestyle to check out our new site at Sports Arbitrage Guide to read our detailed information on how to bet for guaranteed to profit and to sign up for our newsletter to stay in touch.

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