Reevera’s Syntrade – The re-branding of AusSoft’s Arb-A-Trader

After numerous emails and forum posts by disgruntled ‘customers’ of AusSoft since my last post on this matter, I have another installment to the saga. It seems they have already re-branded themselves and moved on to a new website under the name of Reevera. The product is no longer called Arb-A-Trader, it’s now called Syntrade, and unless I am mistaken, this operation was only set up very recently. I guess that is the case because some of the domain lookup tools can’t find any information about it (they only update occasionally), and the purchase button on the website doesn’t yet work. The number for support is also not displayed yet. Either the website is still not finalised because they haven’t started making their phone calls yet, or this is old news and they have already started shutting this service down, I just completely missed it earlier. But considering the number of people who contact SAG and ArbForum about AusSoft, I doubt this is the case.

A little more information though, just to show that they are indeed the same group: The obvious point to note is that the website is put together by the same company (Grandscope advertising agency) and the websites generally have the same feel to them. The 3 domains use the same NameServers (NS1.SURFPACIFIC.NET), and Stephen Gray registered with an email address of carolyn at, while Steve and Carolyn Grey registered , and Steve Keating registered with an email address of carolyn at

But of course you don’t have to go to such technical depths to identify them as the same group. The text on the websites are often identical copies of each other, including the good old “there may be some limitations, normally in the tens of thousand, but realistically there are no restrictions to prevent you from trading aggressively!” line.

Interestingly there is no mention on the Reevera website of AusSoft, Arb a Trader or Colin Boyan. Reading through the description of their company they really do make it sound like this is the only project they have, they spend all of their time working on it, and there is nothing! like it. For example:

“It may be unfair to compare Syntrade to anything else that has been released into the market previously, however, the benchmark has now been set and the team at Reevera believes it will be along time before anyone catches up.”

I wonder if it still costs $7800.

“Browse through the links below to learn more about our dynamic company.”

Dynamic alright! They change names every month!

Looking at their Personnel I see a couple of familiar names. Stephen Keating and Gregory Gray (looks like the son of Carolyn and Steve?). The other two are unfamiliar to me, but unless I’m mistaken, James Bradley is the one in the header photos, who is also the same person in the Header photos over at AusSoft. Also, they have no information yet on their Personnel, it is all “Coming Soon”, further indicating that we have managed to really catch this one out before it has even got started!

One last laughing point comes from their “From Sports Arbitrage to Syntrade” page. They paint Sports Arbitrage as it was maybe 10 years ago, and claim that Syntrade is a breakthrough piece of technology, taking the guesswork and pain out of it! As if they were the first company in the history of mankind to write software to automate sports arbitrage! Apparently these people are becoming known within the industry as “Syntrageurs”. Haha! I’m sure everyone in the two online arbitrage communities (ArbForum and the members of our own forums at DTM) will love to hear that!

I think I speak for the numerous people out there who will read this article before they part with their money when I thank Stuart for the email bringing this to my attention. Hopefully less people will lose their money on this embodiment of AusSoft than lost their money with AusSoft Arb-A-Trader.

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