S.O.R.T Trading – Simultaneous Offsetting of Risk Technology (SORT Trading)

Sort Trading, or the ‘Simultaneous Offsetting of Risk Technology‘ Trading (SORT Trading for short of course…), is the latest name given to arbitrage trading by a series of four companies, all connected by a single ‘Independent’ review site. SORT Trading, the phrase, exists only within this tiny insular section of the internet. No one in the arbitrage trading community has ever heard of it, and I doubt anyone anywhere else has ever heard of it, because I am confident that the people behind these 5 websites fabricated the term ‘SORT Trading’ themselves entirely in order to set up these companies and the completely clean slate of positive reviews. No one searching for ‘SORT Trading’ would accidentally stumble across any information to help give them informed opinions, whereas if the companies used the more accurate phrase ‘Arbitrage Trading’, or even Surebetting, or Scalping, then any person reviewing the (rather expensive) opportunity being offered to them (over the phone by friendly helpful customer service people no doubt) would surely find LOTS of information. But by searching Google for “Sort trading” you don’t find anything other than 3 of the companies and the review site (and a couple of other ‘independent’ reviews on the open internet).

The SORT Trading companies are all connected by Sort Trading Guide (sorttradingguide.co.uk), and they are Baranstone, Kinsealy, 247-web, and SORT Traders. With the SortTradingGuide website the only obvious link between the four, you have to wonder why they are trying to look independent, and why the reviewer (goes by the name Gareth Reynolds, although the domain is registered to Geoff Andrews) doesn’t seem to know anything about Arbitrage Trading.

There are a few points to be made about this supposedly independent review:

1. “Over the last 6-12 months a lot of companies have started to get involved in this highly lucrative SORT Trading industry, It would take me months to compare them all (and I have used most of them) so I’ll stick to the leaders in the industry.”

What other companies? Search Google for Sort Trading and you can’t find one – you just find this lot and a few pages they have created to shill for themselves. As I stated earlier in this article – SORT Trading as a term simply doesn’t exist outside of the fabrication of these companies and this reviewer.

2. “The reason I put this website up was to make aware of the pitfalls of Sort Trading that were never available to a new traders, not to generate business for the Sort Trading industry.”

Yeah…and because you didn’t know about this site (SportsArbitrageGuide) or ArbForum, or any of the HUNDREDS of other websites on this topic which use recognised names for the process or arbitrage trading – and not to help make Baranstone look like a legitimate business.

As soon as you see the fact that this whole SORT Trading ‘industry’ exists only within this small circle of 5 websites, it is hard to think they are in any way independent. All 4 of the companies use the same style of website – 3 or 4 pages, and a contact form. They are short pages, with very little information, and just there to provide a storefront to refer people to from their phone conversations. The ‘Visual basic’, Java, Cisco, and Mac emblems add that extra flair of “We aren’t related – look, we use different systems!”

These 5 websites have just come out of the blue, created an entire industry name out of thin air (search google to verify this for yourself) and are trying to sell their software for …more than 5.5k euro. Much more. It varies from company to company, but I suspect that 3 of the companies are there just to make one in particular look legitimate.

Anyway, there is a discussion going on over at ArbForum about these websites, have a look at it:

SORT Trading ***SCAM*** SORT Trading

And if this is the first time you have ever heard the term “Arbitrage trading”, then welcome to the real ‘secret’ industry that they talking about on those “Sort trading” websites. Arbitrage trading is real, and it does work in much the way they explain it, but you don’t have to have tens of thousands of dollars to buy the software. For a more thorough guide of what arbitrage trading it, read through our guide here:

What is Sports Arbitrage Trading?

And just for a comparison, have a look at the real arbitrage trading companies who sell software and arbitrage alerts here:

Sports Arbitrage Trading Alert Services.

They are significantly cheaper than the thousands of dollars being asked for by these companies.

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