Is there such thing as an sports betting arbitrage bot, or some software that will automatically place arbs for me?

Do you mean a bot-like software that will place arbs automatically for you?

Well, then no… And yes!

I’ll start of this answer by explaining that I really don’t think such software exists…
Past that, and having a background in software engineering I can definitely say that the technical challenge of creating such a program is freaking huge.
As in, for now at least (and as far as I can predict the future) it is nearly impossibly hard to do this.

With unlimited resources, of course anything is possible but there’s very little return potential to be seen for a company who would write this software. It would not only be exceptionally expensive to create, they simply wouldn’t be allowed to sell software that places bets for you. It would be illegal to do so. Which is why alert services don’t already have options to place bets.

On the thought of creating a even a rudimentary bot program that would automatically comb through odds, locate arbs for you and place bets on your behalf… Frankly, I wholeheartedly dread the idea of everything that could go wrong – and I would tell you to be immediately and extraordinarily skeptical of anyone who told me a solution to all the situations that you have to handle manually while arbing could be overcome by any computer program. That’s why the guide exists. Arbitrage trading needs to be done by a human.

On the side of good news though, the huge collection of arbitrage alert service software that is out there won’t place bets for you… but they DO get pretty damn close!

They comb odds of bookmakers, they find arbs automatically with varying degrees of returns (thousands at a time) according to set parameters that select, and when you click on any arb you’d like to investigate and place, they will even take you *directly* to the bookmaker website where you can place your bets.

As a tool of the trade, they are the absolute best that modern technology can offer, and boy are they modern. I am often cold and cynical as all hell about what software can do any how it works and even I’m impressed by them. We’re talking state of the art web analysis technology wrapped up for almost any alert service, across the board, at minimal cost and often high returns potential to you.

It is so often however that even alert services sometimes report odds incorrectly, it’s hard for them not to really… Ddds can change a lot, and super fast some times. Sometimes the alert service is pulling odds at regular intervals of time from a bookmaker, other times changes in odds are pushed to the alert service software by the bookmakers.

They function as a bot already in this regard, really… There’s complicated machinery under the sheets there, though.

Which is why you should always check – and then double check – all your calculations before you place any arbs. Computers aren’t anywhere near close to infallible enough to trust to become arbitrage traders yet.

If you’d like to have an in depth technical discussion with me about this, I’m happy to talk about it in as much detail as you’d like to. Just email me with a questions any time and I’ll cover any technical details of how a program like this might work, but ultimately can’t realistically work.

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