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E-Wallets, Deposits and Withdrawals

Click here to sign up to Skrill now!


Click here to sign up to Neteller now!


Skrill (formerly Moneybookers) is arguably the best e-wallet for the purposes of sports betting arbitrage.

It is accepted by the majority of online sportsbooks as a method of deposit and withdrawal is virtually always free.

Membership is open to most places around the world, and they offer a referral incentive program.

Skrill offers a range of free methods of deposit for many specific countries, while credit card deposits into Skrill are charged a 1.9% fee. Withdrawal from Skrill to your bank account is typically charged a fee of €2.95 flat. Transferring money between accounts costs 1% for the sender with a low cap, while the recipient has no fee. Compare that to Paypal!

Skrill will accept every major currency, and most other common currencies.

Furthermore: Anyone having transacted more than €3000 EUR in a 30 day period, or perhaps even those intending to can apply for Skrill VIP status to even further remove or decrease fees and receive additional benefits, including excellent cash back offers you can read about on the link above.

VIP status is open to both new and existing Skrill users.

Neteller is the second contender for the best e-wallet for sports betting arbitrage.

Neteller is accepted in about as many places as Skrill, however Neteller will accept only four primary currencies:

However when arbing, you should be trading completely in any one of these currencies anyway. Click here to read more on this.

Neteller tend to have larger fees, and more limitations. All credit cards and debit card deposits into your account are charged a 3.9% fee, while other local methods of deposit are also provided and many of those are free.

Neteller to Neteller account transfers charge the recipient a 1.9% fee, with a minimum charge of USD $1.

Withdrawals from your Neteller account can be made with a Neteller debit card (free to activate, but subject to inactivity fees) for $2 per transaction, while EFT withdrawals to your bank account are free, and withdrawals via check are charged USD $2.

Neteller does not accept accounts from Malaysia or Russia.

For a detailed guide on the approach you should use while setting up e-wallets for arbitrage trading, check out this article.