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What is Sports Arbitrage?

Sports Arbitrage Trading or arbing is the act of intelligently betting on all outcomes of a sporting at the same time.
It is a reliable way of making money online that anyone could do.
By arbitrage trading, you are able to place bets that will always result in an assured profit at the end of a sporting event.

In short, it is a method of non-gambling where you bet on all available outcomes, so that you are always guaranteed to win.

Sports Arbitrage Guide is a totally free-to-access site dedicated to discussing a way to make guaranteed profit, that can be done completely online, and doesn't require dealing with customers.
That means that you can work from home or anywhere you like at all, be that your own air conditioned home or any island paradise you choose...

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Sports Betting Arbitrage, Scalping, Sure Bets, and Arb Trading all refer to the one thing;

the idea of making a guaranteed profit from a difference in odds between sportsbooks.

Normally, backing all outcomes of a single sporting event at a single bookmaker would result in you guaranteeing a loss of a few percent - this is the bookmaker's margin. However, if we take the best competing odds from different bookmakers, it is possible to make it so that guaranteed loss turns into a guaranteed profit. By betting on those high odds so that your winnings are the same no matter what the outcome, you are arbing.

A Simple Example

Examples are the easiest way to clarify exactly what that means...

Consider a tennis event where you can bet $100 on each player at odds of 2.05 at two competing bookmakers.
All together you outlay $200 ($100 at each bookmaker), but if either bet wins you receive:
$100 x 2.05 = $205.

With a $200 outlay, that is a $5 profit no matter which player wins.

Another Example

Take any two-sided sporting event where only either side can win...

The odds of each side winning must be at just the right numbers amongst two different bookmakers, then, by placing bets on both sides you are guaranteed to make money out of the deal.

Let’s say we find a setup that looks like this:

Pinnacle (an online bookmaker) are offering odds of 1.72 if TEAM A wins.
Also, at the same time...
Another online bookmaker, 5Dimes are offering odds of 2.75 if TEAM B wins.

Let's say you have arbitrary, even amount of $1000 to bet here... And we want to make it so that as long as EITHER TEAM WINS, you are still guaranteed to profit.

So let's do it...
Let’s place a bet of $615.21 with Pinnacle on TEAM A.
Then let’s also place a second bet of $384.79 with Canbet on TEAM B.

You have just set up what is known as an 'arb', and created a situation where in any event you make about $50.

So now, if TEAM A wins, your return will be:
$615.21 x 1.72 = $1,058.17 (a profit of $58.17).

Likewise, if TEAM B wins, your return will be:
$384.79 x 2.75 = $1,058.16 (a profit of $58.16)

Arbitrage trading is as simple as that. In practice, it involves comparing the odds of numerous bookmakers to find the best odds on offer, then seeing if those odds create a profitable return or not. If they do, place the bets and wait for the match to play out to claim your profit.

There are some very simple methods we have to show you all the ways you can calculate arbs and work out which amounts to bet on each of the odds. All the detail you need can be found in the in the Guide.

'Arbitrage Trading', 'Scalping', and Other Terms

Technically, Arbitrage Trading is defined as:

"the simultaneous buying and selling of assets in different markets or in derivative forms, taking advantage of the differing prices."

Which is just another way of saying 'Buy low, sell high'.

Similarly, Scalping is defined as:

"to engage in the reselling of something, such as tickets, at a price higher than the established value."

This practice is most commonly seen with sports and music concert tickets.

Both of these terms have been used to describe the idea described above - betting on all possible outcomes for a guaranteed profit - because they use the same principles:
Take advantage of a difference in pricing for your own profit.

'Surebet' is another term frequently used to refer to an individual occurrence of this situation. Similarly arbitrage is abbreviated to 'arb' and used the same way - thus a 'Sports Arbitrage Trader' will place arbs (surebets).

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